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game site journey to higher traffic and some bucks

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by majky538, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. majky538

    majky538 Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2014
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    Hey, guys, i would like to share my experience within my site. Now i am really focused on this site, trying to get higher traffic and earn some bucks !

    My website niche is one favourite sport game. I started writing some stuff maybe 2-3 years ago on one bigger site with other micro-game-sites. Than i have created my own site for local fans, but this was not really an active site. Low traffic and content wasn't good at all. The PHP code was awful and messy.

    Before 3-5 months i started rewritting code, using PHP and Nette Framework, which saves me a lot of time. Still for local fans. Than i have realized, if i want to get more traffic and etc i need to create an international site, more content and other stuff on website. So i have built translation, create several modules like discussion, users profiles, comments module (replace for facebook comments), site where users can upload their own content...

    Project is almost complete, just sometimes i repair some bug or add some lines to administration code. Now i am focusing on optimalization, content and SEO stuff.

    I am going to use facebook and youtube to drive traffic to my site (other micro technigues too).


    One of my youtube accounts is several years old, around 70 videos, 70% of whole videos focus on my site niche, around 250k views.
    Now i have created second account (because of 2 copyrights warnings on first acc.), for now 4 videos uploaded, around 2k view within 3-4 days. Something around 30% views a hit by sharing it on facebook sites. I will continue in uploading and similiar things. I've found out this like really strong tool, just imagine when there's a youtube video in search results. I am going to focus on couple important keywords in this videos.


    Three facebook pages
    , the first contains 800+ users, just local users, this page goes really well among search results, for some keywords - local language it's on the first positions. That help mi to get more users without any bigger effort.
    The second one i've just created to get more international users, is 300+ users big, name is one important keyword and users like it quite automatically, suppose facebook shows it in its search results, but it reach more users from east europe. Sometimes not so good content reach.
    The third one is new, no need to mention about that for now.

    Also twitter with just 30+ followers.

    Domain - hosting info

    It's a new domain, 2 months old, i re-directed the domain on my hosting week ago. Website running on one favourite czech hosting, i caught a discount 90%, so hosting per year cost me around 1 ?. Domain .com 7 ?.

    Stats for the first week

    I added my site to webmaster tools, google analytics, i will check some serp service in a week. Submitted sitemap.

    Sitemap is really important if you want to get your site indexed really quick ! It's faster than i was expecting, maybe 2-3x times !

    Webmaster stats: 66 submitted pages, 11 indexed already :)site info show better results for indexed pages !). 6 keywords are indexed in queries, for now i don't care about their position match, not so important for me. Need to focus on long-tail and similiar. With just easy keywords i cannot compete with big game sites on first position.

    Analytics: 300+ unique visitors, bounce rate around 54%, 1000+ pageviews. Social channel drive around 60%+ visitors for now.

    CPC: i've created adSense account, now showing two ads panels, one on the right side, which is fixed and other one within the articles.

    Earnings within two days of adSense : 0,02?.

    Plans for upcoming days

    Create more intersting content for visitors, continue in translating old articles to english language, continue writing quality SEO articles and aim on 1-3 important keywords in them, upload more videos on youtube which will be in role of referers for my articles and cotent.
    Start building backlinks, blogs, creating posts on similiar niche forums etc.

    Hint at the end

    When you share content on social sites or everywhere else, try to write most interesting title so people will click on that link. Improved my visits stats from social sites really much ! For example: Did you know, that... , focusing on some favourite users stuff, they want to know more !

    I just wanna share my experience, this is not really rich niche to earn more bucks, will be glad if i drive more traffic within 1-3 months :) Cheers !
  2. majky538

    majky538 Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2014
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    New stats after 5 days, which seems to be quite succesfull after this short period !

    What have i done ?

    I wrote serveral posts on forums / discussions and tried to reach the fans.
    Edit wikipedia page and add my links at the bottom, which drive around 6% of a new traffic ! Amazing !
    Upload new youtube videos, post coments on other similiar youtube videos which drive me 5% of traffic.

    Youtube hint - if you are posting a comment with hyperlink, maybe youtube marks it as a spam and dont's show it to others ! Let's find best video comments which are always at the top, write your post and use several account, to like your previous posts which make it visible for viewers ! Awesome boost !

    After 5 days, this bring me 2x more unique visitors, 3x more pageviews and more direct traffic, also i was not posting too much on facebook, i used to write less and get higher users reach. Social traffic drop from 60% to 40% and direct traffic come up to awesome 40% !

    Google right now indexing around 125 URLs (submitted), indexed 83, 11 clicks trought google search results, 256 impressions.

    adSense, from 0,02 USD to 1 USD within 5 days, around 5-10 clicks. Dont' care much about that for now.

    Now i continue writing high PR articles, news for social sites, start building backlinks, creating some profiles and build one service with 50 backlinks on fiverr.

    My two important keywords are now on 20 position in google search, need to build backlinks !

    Already i have just around 30 backlinks (301 redirects) from my previous site.

    Using serpbook, i am satisfied with this service, also tried seolytics, but it's slow and i see no reports. Trial version. Also did a little keyword research using Market Samurai and google keyword planner, pretty good :)
  3. billgates

    billgates Registered Member

    Nov 30, 2009
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    Hi, Any idea about how I can get traffic on a myarcadeplugin based game site?
  4. godspeed007

    godspeed007 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 10, 2013
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    Use game forum signatures. Nice username you've got!

  5. lord1027

    lord1027 Elite Member

    Sep 20, 2013
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    Personal advice, write own and unique game descriptions, or you and another x thousands websites will have duplicate content.
  6. macdonjo3

    macdonjo3 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 8, 2009
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    Are you doing Facebook PPC campaigns to boost your posts?
  7. majky538

    majky538 Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2014
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    Try to do a "game keywords" research ex. for arcade games, the most favourite games and similiar stuff, improve your website blog, start writing high quality articles :) Some news release about plugin update is not interesting neither for google nor visitors.

    Nope, maybe i will try first free voucher, but i will not go this way, i was told, the facebook is not good at all. Bad targeting and settings for PPC.
  8. majky538

    majky538 Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2014
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    Update after week

    What have i done ? So, after the previous post, i continued in writting unique and interesting content. I'll give you an example !

    Meanwhile, competitors sites came up with the same content - news about game price, i decided to create unique news "price comparison", so got information from amazon and other game seller and wrote it. Used social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to share.

    I was quite surpriced when my tweet has been retweeted by one official game producer, not so BIG thing but this drove me around 1500 unique visitors in 3 days, some new followers for my twitter channel. Anyway, twitter is a bit better tool as facebook in this way, maybe easier to reach fans but there'are plenty of tweets... Facebook reach is around 50-70%, no big amount of clicks.

    After this experience, i was unhappy. One reason, almost all twitter fans visited site from mobile devices. However, site is not responsive, the screen is not so bad, but my bounce rate hit 70%.

    Next day i created fully responsive mobile version using bootstrap. Really easy for fast developing, without previous experience, can recommend :) After 3 days, my stats on mobile site:

    - around 100 visitors chose to be redirected to mobile version
    - bounce rate is getting down slowly

    Analytics stats during this week

    - Almost 2000 unique visitors
    - Returning visitors only 20% :/ (expectate facebook fans)

    Stats since webpage started (2 week) - around 8000 pageviews. Unique audience more than 3000. Almost 50% social traffic, 40% direct , organic traffic from search engines 6%.

    I was successful to reach my goal - drive more international traffic to the new domain than previous local (70% : 30%) !

    Uploaded couple new videos on youtube. I continue writing unique articles every 1-2 days, 600+ and focus on 1-2 keywords. I start beating competitors in content quality !

    Keywords positions

    For now, i have 4 important keywords, and i try do better job to rank them. And results are coming !

    For google[dot]com region:

    One keyword on 3th position (local language - 5th)
    Then i have a group of 2 similiar keywords, one is keeping 9th position, the second one 15th.
    Next keeps around 15th position. Sometimes it dances a bit.

    Notice: see the difference in group of 2 keywords, one of them from H1 and title used to rank better !

    I try to contain main keyword in title, description (H1,H2), the next one usually in description and H2 tags. Density 1% - 2%.

    Yahoo - TOP 10 for all of them.

    For local language i have no bigger competitors, so i ranked TOP 3 positions for some news / articles.

    No big CTR, i expectate bigger amount in upcoming weeks.

    AdSense stats (first week)

    Earned 3 €, 26 clicks but just couple of them had amount more than 0,30 €.

    Created responsive ad unit and mobile site. It doesn't display well everytime, at least at the bottom of the page where i have created fixed ad area. Helped me to earned 15%.

    Backlinks indexed in webmaster tools - 150 (social sites, youtube, blogs and game sites guests posts).

    I keep writing articles and creating backlinks slowly, waiting for results :)
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2014
  9. majky538

    majky538 Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2014
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    After a month (last update 2 weeks ago) i successed couple goals that i had ! Anyway, i will continue in working on website.

    - amount of unique visitors per day 400 - 1000+
    - almost 20k unique page views, 10k unique visitors
    - earned some buck on adSense :D CTR keeps unfortunately low (2,5-5%)
    - ranked 7 important keywords in TOP 10 on google, other ones go really well too !

    Also good tips if you have or plan to build game website which have couple other competitors and is not best known:

    - do keyword research, write quality unique articles for example: installing game, various helps - tutorials, more info - not just the game will be released on this date and similiar short news !
    - i found out wikipedia as really good way, drove me quite big traffic
    - posting comments on youtube video (other users comments)
    - posting comments on facebook pages under the discussions, also twitter, pinterest, reddit and other social sites
    - creating videos on youtube (different content, keywords)
    - posting guests posts
    - creating responsive website is a good idea