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Oct 26, 2017
Hello BHW, I'll keep this short and sweet. We are not new here or new to the industry, we have been doing SEO at a high level since 2007. We have done business with a lot of providers on here over the years but have never offered a service publicly on this forum before. We figured we would give it a try, offering one of our most popular link packages and see what happens. Details below.

Exclusive Special for BHW Members - What's Included:

Tier 1:

1 X DR70+ Relevant DF Guest Post On A Site That Gets 20k+ Monthly Traffic.


Tier 2:

5 x DA30+ DF Niche Edits On Sites That Get 5k+ Monthly Traffic.

Limited Time Offer - Price: $675 (Normally $800+)


The Details.

Tier 1:

- You will be getting a relevant guest post from a DR70+ website that gets legit traffic. (min traffic/mo of 20k+)

- The content for your guest post will be 100% unique, human written by US native writers, and be 700+ words.


Tier 2:

- Once we have your DR70+ guest post live we will be rocking 5 relevant DA30+ niche edits from websites that get a minimum of 5k traffic per month at your tier 1 guest post to power it up.

- Those 5 niche edits will then be sent through our indexing process to help them get re indexed faster vs just letting them get recrawled and picked up naturally.


Look, we are not trying to re-invent the wheel here. This is nothing new, everyone already knows about tiered link building and the benefits of doing so. If you have been looking for a one-stop-shop for these type of links, we have you covered.

When acquiring higher-end authority hosted content links, we prefer to use guest posts for our T1 vs niche edits. We would rather have a dedicated and relevant guest post linking out to our target with limited obl vs a niche edit that you are plopped into an existing piece of semi relevant content that links out to 4-8+ other websites that are "half-ass" related to your topic.

I know some may argue "A niche edit is from an aged page in Google's index therefore you will get better and quicker gains". I usually agree with this reasoning, but for these higher-end links; we are of the opinion that if you are playing the long game and are patient enough to let that guest post fully hit in and mature, its going to be the better investment all day long. Back that up with 5 x DA30+ niche edits and you end up with some serious firepower going to your site.

Side note: We don't guarantee this, but after we juice those posts up with some power they often end up ranking for related longtails and smaller keywords which can pull in some traffic. *hint hint*



Need-To-Know Info & FAQ Before You Place An Order:

What is the TAT (Turn-Around Time)?

We can normally get these completed for you within 12-14 days time, but incase there are any delays on site owners getting back to us for approvals or any other unforeseen things out of our control that might cause it to take longer than normal, I am going to put down 30 days here.

Are these PBN links?

No. We don't use PBN'S, we don't need to. We do legit outreach and have built strong relationships over the years. The whole internet is our "PBN".

How many anchors can I use?

1 - Most of the website owners we deal with only allow one out going link per guest post on their site. Sometimes they will include a 2nd out bound link that will link out to a relevant non-competing authority site (we are not in control of this); and an internal link linking to another internal page, but that's about it.

***Choose your Anchor wisely. If your link profile is already anchor heavy and borderline overoptimized toward exact match anchors, id highly recommend against targeting an exact match(or a partial match) so you don't trigger yourself an over-optimization penalty (If you do, that's on you). Once you place your order, if you need help on choosing an anchor to use, we can help you with that.


* If you don't know what you are doing, you probably shouldn't be buying these.​

- Your T2 anchors will be chosen by us and sent for changes or confirmation during the order process.

Will I see gains from these?

We don't guarantee anything, no one can in this industry, especially with all the crazy recent updates that have been rolling out, confirmed or unconfirmed. I can say however, that our websites and client websites have been seeing good gains for their keywords using these, even through the recent turbulence in the serp. The websites that haven't, are either in super competitive niches and need more relevant authority pumped at them or have other issues going on holding them back (IE, keyword cannibalism, technical on-page problems, over-optimization issues - both on page and off, ect.).

Can I have a discount code?

No, we wholesale these to agencies for $800+/post, we have already drastically discounted the price exclusive to BHW members. As we run into deals while doing outreach for you, we will try to pass the savings down to you the best we can. For right now these are our current rates, I will update the thread if anything changes.

Can I see your lists?

No, sorry guys. We are not about to show our current and growing resources to people we don't know with the potential of someone running off spamming, outing, and/or getting those sites blacklisted. This is for your and our protection.

What niches do you accept?

We can handle any family friendly niche. If you are looking for adult, gambling, or cannabis related links, we can see what we can do. Site owners and editors tend to charge quite a bit more and are more stringent when it comes to access acquiring placement for those type of niches so prices will be higher for these.

Why did my order get rejected?

Make sure your I's are dotted and your T's are crossed on your website before placing an order. Most of these site owners and editors are picky about who they link out to. If you have a low quality, incomplete, or shady looking website, they will more than likely reject your placement. If you make sure everything is fleshed out on your site and everything looks good, there should be no problems. We will check this before accepting your order.

If you are in a niche that directly competes against one of our partners or existing clients, we are going to have to turn down your order. We are loyal to the people that we work with, it would be a conflict of interest if we were to do business with you in this situation. If this happens, we can put you on a waiting list and notify you if something opens up.

How do I place an order?

Reach out on Skype, email, or shoot me a DM with your details - Your target url and the anchor you would like to use. From there we will check out your website and do a quick analysis of your target. If everything looks good, we will select your T2 anchors and then send back the full order details of the project for you to confirm (or make any changes). Once approved, we will send over an invoice and get our team started on your project.

As your project is rolling out we will keep you updated along the way so you know what is going on at all times. Once everything is finished and live, we will send you the completion report.

Here is a recent order we just finished:


Refund Policy:
Once you place your order and we get started, we do not give refunds. Our content writers, acquisition team, and site owners/editors have already been paid to secure your link placement(s). The only exception to this is, if In the odd chance we can't complete your project in the 30 days stated, you will get a full refund.


If you need help with anything or have any questions, feel free to get ahold of me any time, that's what I am here for.

- Thanks for checking us out.


Contact Info - Matt:
Skype: live:.cid.4bcf159898150edc
Email: [email protected]
Marketplace Thread Approved

This guest posting service has been tested by the marketplace moderation team to ensure that it meets the standards for the marketplace. The service has been checked to ensure that it can deliver what it advertised in accordance to its TAT or in a timely manner if no TAT was provided.

Service Information
  • The metrics for the websites I received in my report are more or less the same as what was advertised in the sales thread.
  • All or the majority of the links that were delivered were live.
  • We investigated the sites delivered, and there was nothing to suggest these are PBN sites or owned by the seller in any way.
  • At least the majority of the content used in the service was readable and was original.
Thread Edit Log
  • The 5 most recent thread edits will appear here
With anything more than 5 going in here
Information For Buyers:
  • Service Quality: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.
  • Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a "no refunds" refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the shit list process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the dispute rules and procedures.
  • Review Copies: Per the marketplace rules, if a seller does not offer trials or review copies, please do not request them in the sales thread, otherwise your post will be removed and further action may be taken.
Mods - Thanks for reviewing our work and approving the thread.

Hello BHW,

To get the ball rolling and get some reviews coming in, we are going to start off with offering 5 discounted review copies. These are more expensive type of links and we can't afford to be giving a bunch away for free, sorry guys.

What we CAN do is offer a $75 off discount in return for leaving us a review. These are going to be on a first come, first served basis; once they are gone, they are gone.

If you need some extra power to a target and/or would like to test out our work, feel free to leave a comment here or get ahold of me directly to claim one of the review copies available.

*This offer is for senior members only (must have been a member for 1+yrs)


- Thanks for checking us out.


Contact Info - Matt:
Skype: live:.cid.4bcf159898150edc
Email: [email protected]
I have worked with @madmax22 on many successful projects over the last few years.

He is a great guy to work with, reliable, very professional and good communication skills.

I wish you best of luck with this service buddy :cool:
Sample Please.
DM sent.
interested in coupon code
If you read the op, we don't do the coupon/discount code thing. This isn't a free-for-all; If you pass our vetting process and we decide to accept your order/agree to do business with you, we then manually process your transaction with the stated discount included.

If you would like to claim one of the remaining 4 review copies left, get ahold of me. First come, first served.


Thanks everyone. Cheers!
We`ve been working with madmax22 on other projects for some time now and I wanted to express my thanks to their team.

They were always fair, communication was crystal clear and therefore we didn`t have any problems with delivery. I would say that the same can be expected of them as contractors without any doubt! Good luck with your sales thread!
I have worked with @madmax22 on many successful projects over the last few years.

He is a great guy to work with, reliable, very professional and good communication skills.

I wish you best of luck with this service buddy :cool:

We`ve been working with madmax22 on other projects for some time now and I wanted to express my thanks to their team.

They were always fair, communication was crystal clear and therefore we didn`t have any problems with delivery. I would say that the same can be expected of them as contractors without any doubt! Good luck with your sales thread!

Thanks for the shout out guys, It means a lot!

Discount for a review copy :)

Thanks for giving us a test run, DM sent.


3 discounted review copies left, first-come first-served.
Another recent order completed:​


Have a difficult keyword you are trying to pull up for? Doing battle on page one and knife fighting for those top spots?

If you are looking for that extra push that could make the difference, these are what have been working for us and our clients. As we keep building authority to our targets through these crazy updates, after the dust settles, we keep seeing gains. I expect the same after this recent March update gets done rolling out.

We have 3 X $75 off discounted review copies left. If you would like to claim one, post here or get a hold of me directly.


Contact Info - Matt:
Skype: live:.cid.4bcf159898150edc
Email: [email protected]
We should have some reviews coming in shortly once those projects are completed. If anyone else would like one of the $75 off discounted review copies feel free to get a hold of me any time. Daily bump.

Edit, posted in wrong thread earlier lol. April fools i guess.
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