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ordered 35 tweets, site already on page 1 No 6, i ordered to move it up to #2. Need strong Twitter accounts.

Sale: # 106182889045

Hope you do best.
Not convinced? Check out the reviews below!


From NA to #38 for a competitive keyword in 2 weeks. The niche is also packed with other SEO's..:
Advanced Package used for the review, taking our page from outside the top 100 to #38 (and still climbing) for a semi-competitive keyword. Very impressed with this considering it's a blog post with test content just dumped on there...
The twitter account Leith has built here are nothing short of awesome. Serious effort has been put into this and I was impressed with everything from start to finish.
Awesome service.
First of all, thanks to @Leith for the review copy.

I received the social shares from 11 social profiles which have authority backlinks. All had a page authority of 45+ The accounts look solid with profile pics, descriptions etc and look legit.

I didnt expect a ranking change with this as the site was dormant since a long time. Expecting a definite improvement in the next few days.

Highly recommended.

Review Time

I was one of the lucky guy who was selected to review this Amazing service!


Report was given on a nice excel sheet which had the posting Tweet link,PA,BL, referring authority sites list & account profile.

Overall reporting was breakdown nicely to understand the account authority & tweets Power!

Social Signal Link Power

I was surprised with some referring domain names & the page authority mentioned on the report initially,so I went on check that quickly if its Real or not. Here's few screenshot of those accounts Page Authority for your own judgements-

As you can see some of those accounts has Page Authority 55 & some of the referring domains are from Big sites like Wired.com,WHBC,Huffington,MAshable,techcrunch & many more. This is Crazy! This are some pretty Powerful accounts which will surely give you some Solid & powerful social links.

Overall I am very much Satisfied with the links & service I received. I believe combining this service with your website backlink profile would Surely Boost your SERP!

I've received a report from this service just today. Manually checked the profiles of all twitter accounts in ahrefs/majestic, they all seem pretty powerful with backlinks from RT.com, spiegel.de, wikipedia.org, mashable.com huffingtonpost.com.. and exactly as claimed. I've seen a HUGE increase in traffic starting from the very next day! Around 180% increase to be exact! This is amazing as I've been building links to this website myself all the time, quality PBN links, but Leith placed the twitter profiile links on 10th March and I haven't had a single PBN link for more than 2 weeks on this website! I'm sure the increase was due to his twitter profile links and I highly recommend his service! It's probably a combination of my strong PBN links and somehow diversifying my link profile with his twitter accounts, but the combo works BIG TIME, I can guarantee that, it's AMAZING!


I will be starting all my websites with his social signals service! (Hint: try sending a few retweets to his tweets, but don't over do it ;) )

Once again i received review copy from @Leith .This link is very good for diversity your backlink profile.Here is what i received :


and with some PBN i manage to rank some kws (low competition) on first page(drop due "fred" update)


Thank you again!

All keywords straight into the Top 20!

received a review copy a few months ago.

i would say it improve my serp greatly and very safe link.

most of my keywords are in the top #20 now. I would recommend this service.

I was given a review copy a few months ago, and I have received the report. And I must tell you, every site needs this premium social signals! Get them indexed and well, build some links to them if you want to. And see the power of S.Ss.

All the twitter pages has PA of 48 and above.

To show how power these kind of links are, I have gone ahead to place an order!

Recommended for those who knows the worth.
Rankings stuck on Page 5 went straight to Page 1!

This is really a game changer!I have been struggling to rank some high competitive keywords for months, I diversified my links, send some powerful PBNS, web 2.0 and monthly social signals but my site was stuck at page 5 on google.Site jumped to page 1 after report ,results speaks for itself and with 12 links only! I manually checked all these twitter profiles ,they have very strongs links like wikipedia, huffpost, newyorktimes,mashable, telegraph and many more.

This services is already on my top list now and I strongly recommend this to all who are stuggling with rankings, I'm extremely impressed!Will place order soon.Thanks Leith
Got a review copy from @Leith
As always excellent service. Very high quality Twitter profile.
Max PA 55, Even got couple of them TF 10+
RD is excellent, Backlinks from some big name out their like
Venturebeat, BusinessInsider, TechCrunch, HuffPost, TheWire, USAToday, Telegraph.co.uk, Aljazeera & lot more
Very happy with the result
I was lucky to get a review copy of the service. Thanks @Leith.
I receive the report a few day ago for 11 tweet from powerful account.

The account are solid, with good stats (PA between 47 to 54) and good referring domain (cnn, huffington post,wikipedia …). Here one exemple of these twitter account :


My website was not ranking for any of the keywords i wanted. Now, i saw a good improvement for 2 of the keywords targeted.
Still early to say but so far results have been good ! I'll place an order soon.
Review time:

I just received the report from OP and I must say I waited for this service since long time ago.
The accounts have powerful backlinks and they are a must for your website and you can;t get better social signals than this.


I recommend this to all!
From #11 to #7!
Review :-

I was lucky enough to get a review copy from @Leith. My keyword was at 11th position, and now it's set at 7th. And it's at no 7 for the last three weeks. I must say its stable now. On the note, I did some other links as well. Anyways one of Twitter profile details -


This gig will not rank you overnight. But it's a good way to get some power links as well as social signal. Recommended :)
From NA right to #3.. yep
I was one of the lucky ones that got a review copy and I am completely blown away by the twitter accounts that @Leith has in his arsenal, the metrics are Awesome with backlinks from big time names like HuffPost, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, SunTimes, DailyDot ... just to name a few!

Being perfectly honest I was offered this review copy about 4 months ago when Leith was just testing the waters with this service and I hadn't heard back from him since... In fact I thought that he had given up and maybe decided to scrap the whole service altogether

Then just a couple weeks ago my website suddenly popped onto the first page of Google in the #3 spot for my keywords, I had pretty much given up on it as I figured it was dead in the water because no matter what I did Google just didn't want to give me any love.

Long story short... turns out that Leith had pointed 11 of his high authority twitters at my site, and I don't think it's a coincidence that it suddenly went from nowhere to #3 without having done any other SEO in over three months... I firmly believe it was because of Leith's service

Now I have to be honest I did point some PBN's at my site about 3 month ago, also I should mention that my keywords are low competition, however like I said earlier my site was making NO traction and I had pretty much given up on it, I figured Google had a hate on for it and I just couldn't figure out why!

Bottom line, I am sold... and I will be buying his service for another website!
Several longtail keywords ranking from NA!
Review of Twitter Signals:

I'm another reviewer who was pleasantly surprised to get the report this week.

I received some twitter links from some great accounts with the kind of link profiles noted in the above screenshot. The twitter accounts look genuine and as it's been 4 months it looks like they're sticking.

I didn't build any other links to the website. The main keyword didn't move - but it's medium competition and Leith does say this is expected. However, a lot of long-tails associated with the page have now entered the SERPS.

When you work out the cost is little more than a $1 a tweet, and the link stick (Leith also has a link-replacement policy) this is a good deal, and ideal to diversify link profiles.
From a stuck Page 2 rankings to Page 1!

Leith was generous enough to give me a review copy. All the accounts had great metrics and tons of backlinks, 2 even had over 1000! My keyword that was stuck at 11 for a while has jumped to 7 and been steady there for weeks. This is a great and unique service, i'll definitely be using on more of my projects.
Got a review copy from Leith.

Metrics checked out. What I really liked is that their twitter accounts looked real and not the overly spam tweets/retweets that you would usually get from buying social signals.

Overall a pretty solid service
, might be purchasing one soon.

I received a review copy from Leith.

This is really a unique servicer to diversify link profile.
He improvised the twits with hashtags.
All Twits are from old genuine looking authority type accounts.

I think this service is safe for all sites (new and old) to improve domain/page authority.
What an AWESOME review..:
This service is really quite interesting. I never thought of high PA Twitter accounts and always thought of social signals as something to get pages indexed and to make Google like your site more. These however bring a whole new dimension to the SEO picture and I'll be definitely interested in how this plays out.

This is one of those services that only a seasoned SEO could come up with. As someone who got his start in IM playing with Twitter, I can only imagine how painstaking it was to get the whole process this service requires running smoothly. Accounts for my tweets all had high PA and overall it's a great service.

Last, but not least, anyone who has a good grasp on SEO with a decent budget should work these into their SEO game and see good success. This service is one of those rare opportunities to 1-up your competition.

Thanks for the opportunity Leith!
got the review copy and got the glimpse of his work as ten twitter signal. All are original profiles and having around few hundered followers too. Morever , my keyword jumped 2 position just for 10 signals. Good one and thanks.
From NA straight to the TOP (#1)
Need to Thank @Leith for giving me an opportunity to test this awesome service.
Received Twitter signals and they are absolutely a gem to have in your profile. Those Twitter accounts look real and have RDs from Huff, Mashable, VentureBeat etc. These are very effective.
Most important aspect is my Keyword rise up to #1 from N/A, this is remarkable and a good achievement in my niche.

This service fetch you RESULTS, Go for it!! Highly Recommended.
Received my review copy.

All of the Twitter profiles looked legit. None of the usual Egg / Supermodel pictures that I've come to expect. Leith did a good job of making the tweets look legitimate. As for movements, I pointed these at an authority site, thus I cannot comment on their ranking ability. However, I do plan on making a few orders of this service. It's reasonably priced and doesn't (to my knowledge) have any competitors on this forum.

Give it a shot, people.

Edit: Orders F2044CEB, 22E52EC4 and 248C4736 placed. Please do not overlap Twitter accounts.

Firstly, I am totally impressed with this guy. Few months back he sent me an email saying that i have been selected for the review copy. I sent out all the details and totally forgot about it. Last night just got an email from @Leith delivering the report for my review copy. As soon as i saw his email i was like WTF this guy kept his promise of actually delivering the review copy (keep in mind, i never did a follow up with him regarding my review copy and he still delivered it) This shows how professional and committed this guy is.

Anyhow long story short, after looking at the report he is my honest opinion

1.) All the twitter profiles actually look genuine and legit. They aren't any of those fake glazed doughnut accounts.

2.) Started to seeing a little boost. Will update after 2 weeks once G@@gle settle his ass down.

3.) Overall one of the HQ service offering these kind of links.

4.) Here take some doughnuts people. I am done with the review lol


Still not convinced?
Here's some of our latest rankings (using just this service)...

Ordered: *****2758467 :)

Thanks for the order!

Hello OP,

I did not receive any private message yet.

Awaiting for the coupon so i can place an order.


Please send me the coupon code.

Haven't received a message with coupon yet. Please, resend. Thx.

PM's sent.

Do we select the keywords?

As explained on the sales design on the first page, yes.

Hey Leith,

Send me Coupon and samples.


PM sent.

ordered 35 tweets, site already on page 1 No 6, i ordered to move it up to #2. Need strong Twitter accounts.

Sale: # 106182889045

Hope you do best.

Thanks for the order!

I would like to have the $30 off coupon

Please send me samples and coupon code, Leith!

PM sent guys.

i make 3 orders for tweets, please use high quality. Hope you consider quality.

We'll do our best, but please remember that the social signals on their own are mainly to be used for diversity. Just don't expect unrealistic results using just the social signals as I've already explained on the original sales design that they should mainly be used for diversity purposes (since that's where their effectiveness is).
pls send me coupon code


Just placed another order.


Note: for anyone ordering just the social signals, please remember that these should mainly be used for diversity. Don't expect crazy, unrealistic results. From experience, these social signals may not play a direct ranking influence BUT they certainly provide an indirect ranking influence/effect - so if you use these links smartly with other links at the same time, you should see some pretty cool and interesting results. It's all about HOW you use these social signals :)

Personally, when I make a new site I always begin by building branded PBN links and social signals. I always drip these social signals at the same time my PBN links are being dripped, so the link velocity is symmetrical and balanced. Use these social signals SMARTLY and I'm sure you'll see some positive results!
Could you send me some samples?

sampels and coupon please!~

Hey Leith can i have one coupon please?


coupon & samples please

May I have a coupon please? :)

Can I grab the coupon code as well? Thanks.

do you have discount copies?

PM sent to all of you! :)
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