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Game Applications (high quality) how to advertise without spending black/grey/white help

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by sjgold, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. sjgold

    sjgold Newbie

    Mar 14, 2011
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    Since this post is relevant to not just Facebook but all social applications...

    I have decided to give it a link here and see if anyone wants to jump in the water with it...

    well i would give a link but the moderation system says im to much a newbsauce to do that.... here is the post:

    - Full text in in first post hopefully i can delete the other posts stupid message kept getting flagged, ahh the fun of being a newb)

    Does anyone have any interest in starting or pointing me to a discussion on either white or black methods of traffic to an application that resides on facebook and other social networks.

    I so far have found (just a sumup)
    - Google will not index.....
    - a page with SEO and very good targeting with a play now button is less effective then I would like.
    - Adsense ads going directly to the application are as good as burning money. Seriously the barrier of facebook login ad application auth is bounce city
    - while facebook only delivers about ,..02 - .05 clicks it displays to MASSIVE amounts per day. 5$ should get you 100 installs keyword research is very important here as you want tier 1 traffic and you want it cheap. I do also run world wide .01 per click ads at times and it ALWAYS fills my daily budget.

    I have not tried a SEO'd landing page with an immediate redirect, i would assume people without a facebook cookie would go WTF and people who logged into facebook would bounce out before install....

    have a few (10) "feeder" sites that are in the game niche running adsense and our own ads and thats my best source of traffic thats "free*" but we are talkig single and low double digit new users to the apps per day.

    After the last google change my leading site used to run first page high to middle serp . (if only i could get the rest of the sites doing that)
    Yhe traffic generated closer to 40 users a day to the FB applicatios but also our adsense got cut close to 1/3 of what it was. Now we sit somewhere on page .... 2...which is a bit better as right after we hit page 3...so im doing something right in my SEO.... my compition is the big boys....i had them beat before this.

    Good traffic keyword, i was one of the first to get in it... would rank high i the SERP upper 5 bouncing around 1-5 constantly.

    I have a mailing of about 40k users double in...and another of about 1m raw ( i e. a bit older & that is opted into another game but none the less doubles validated at time of signup)....I also have about 10k from my sites....

    I have NO idea what to do with these as mailing them (we have mailers set and ready to go) is over my budget right now..... at LEAST 350 per month with an open rate of as low as ive seen and a click i rate that sucks ill pass.
    (that price does not include the 1m list) if I add that were talkig having a 2k per moth account or more.

    Of course i could sell the list but I have no idea who to contact on that.....

    Anyway thats part of my story anyone want to share tips or there story? Or toss around some ideas of feeding mass user traffic to facebook apps.

    Oh as far as the app goes...
    1) our largest competitor is at over 16m DAU......
    2) the other competitors do not have the features we do......
    3) We are the ONLY app on Facebook where you can exchange your "coins" which you gain through challenging and beating other people for real not virtual prizes.... we have paid out close to 500$ so far in paypal, giftcards and someone almost exchanged in for a kindle but we audited there account and the guy had about 100 accounts he was dumping to....

    We feel 1% of the market share is a good goal...we cant hit it without cash so far, and we have no more of that.
  2. Dropdown

    Dropdown Regular Member

    Mar 7, 2010
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    the Netherlands
    I can help if you want. Send me a PM.
  3. sjgold

    sjgold Newbie

    Mar 14, 2011
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    I can not send a PM yet, as I do not have enough posts.....
    I don't want to just spam posts all over the place to get my limits up.

    I wonder if I can reply to a PM can you try?