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    Hi there,

    normally i'm a white hat seo guy. i use article marketing to promote my products. Most at buzzle and ezinearticles. I never was familiar with all those seo things like backlinks, offpage optimizing aso. I love to write but i really have to think about the seo part :p.

    Yesterday i started by checking the rankings of my different articles. They rank well for niche keywords and long tail keywords. I recognized an guy who is also promoting at ezinearticles. His rankings are really really often to find in the first positions at g00gle. Than i hit 1-2 articles of him to the yahoo site explorer and was really amazed by amount of incoming links.

    I checked and found out that all those links came from gallery comments! Galleries with 50-100 pics and at every pic one comment with a backlink to the article.

    How can it be that all these backlinks are counted. Can it be easy like this? Just find some galleries and comment on them?

    Maybe somebody can explain it...And maybe somebody know a tool to automate this process?

    I apologize for my english language problems ;-)