Gain more traffic and easy 120 backlinks by via Free Traffic System


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Sep 14, 2009
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This is for noobs or people who suck at building backlinks(esp. like me) :D.

I found this site called last night. They are currently offering free backlinking (upto 120) if you submit just an article to them. They claim that you will increase 7% more backlink if you add at least 1 wordpress blog as well as refferals to their site. It is just like submitting to article directry but easir and effective. I think it is a pretty fair deal to get free 100 backlinks from virtually doing nothing..

here is a site -

If something like this is shared before, please del it. I searched a bit and didn't find about this. My brain isn't working well today. Forgive me, if there is misleading information. Tried my best.
I have several hundreds articles submitted through their system. It's a good way to diversify your linking portfolio and appear more natural but in my experience those links don't hold a lot of weight.

I haven't used them for about 6 months, though, so it may have improved.
I recently started using FTS. I have to wait for the fruits.
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