GA Expert .... bounce rates and time on site! Advice needed.

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    Ok .... not my sites but a friend of a friend asked me a question yesterday and i wasn't sure of the answer ....

    This person is worried about Google Analytics, bounce rates and time on site .... for this reason.

    She has 5 ecommerce sites ... lets call them site1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

    Each site sells a different product and has a product search.
    When a visitor uses the product search on say 'site1' the user is taken to a new web site (which looks like 'site1') and the results are displayed.
    So the process is ...

    site1 >>> product search on site1 >>> user taken to http :// >>> results are displayed on http ://

    So the question is ...
    a user comes to 'site1' performs a search and results are displayed on http ://

    If i use the same GA code on both sites .... which is the code for 'site1' will this be counted as

    a) 1 visit and a bounce?
    b) 2 visits

    Thanks inadvance.