G**gle Che*kout Can Kiss My ASS

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Nov 10, 2008
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Just a warning to all you fellow members that I have been running a very successful site dealing in electronic products - doin' around 3000.00 per month in sales and was using the E-Junkie cart with the G o o g l e check out system and Pay Pal as my payment alternatives.

If a customer disputed a product after receiving it (sometimes fraud - because some assholes want everything free in this world), at least Pay Pal would give me the benefit of the doubt and I would have a relatively good chance of having the funds re-credited to my account.

The big 'G' however immediately (with no questions) takes the money directly out of my bank account to refund the customer. After losing shit loads of miney and getting hit with the $35.00 fee from my bank to the tune of $400.00 I decided to cut 'G' out of my payment system.

Now, I get a letter from 'G' stating that they have suspended my AdWords account because I still owe them a charge that was reversed by a customer. What bullshit! Because of the chargeback on the checkout system, these assholes actually stopped all of my PPC campaigns and suspended everything!

Be warned and thanks for letting me get some of the steam off!
Not open for further replies.
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