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FYI- Ranking & SEO Part 2

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Webs2Be, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Webs2Be


    Oct 4, 2012
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    Hello everyone, it's Webs2Be and I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I love doing case studies and trying new and unique methods when it comes to SEO as it allows you to evaluate what works and what doesn't and once you've determined the two, you can continue to scale up on what you see working well. SEO is constantly evolving as many of you have seen and it's important to evolve with the changes and to adapt to the standards that Google is now placing on sites. In my last post, I briefly covered a variety of topics that I wanted to share after I watched Matt Cutts do a speaking and I have to say, the landscape is definitely changing and you need to make sure your efforts are going to the right areas. In this post, I strictly want to cover links building in general as this is where the future of your site(s) lie and ultimately will determine where you get ranked. So, I'm going to cover some of the things you need to know for Link Building in hopes that you'll be better able to rank your site(s). Many of you saw my "Page 1 of Google in 4 Days" thread and was able to rank an additional site since then to the first page with minimal quality content and strong links which is why I think Link Building is an important topic to be covered.

    Unrelated High PR Links

    Usually, we tend to target high PR blogs and sites to acquire links from to get our sites ranked and one of things that people know but don't really consider is pairing relevancy to your links with authority. In other words, if there's a high PR site on "Topic A" and your site is on "Topic B" and you do lets say a blog comment, Google now analyzes the relevancy of that link just as much as the authority of the site referring to your site. So, it's not just targeting sites, blogs or article directories that have a high Page Rank, but, it's also about building high PR links that are "Relevant" to the topic or discussion(s) of your site. Remember, back links in Google's eyes act like an online referral, so with that said, why would a site on an entirely different topic/niche want to link to your site that has no relevancy at all? They wouldn't and this could raise a red flag to Google and could possibly cause adverse effects on your site(s) rankings.

    Link Diversity

    Link Diversity is important and should be the central focus in all of your link building efforts. Look at it this way, if you go in for a job interview and you have a previous recommendation from 1 company than you may not look too reputable or experienced. But, if you have references from 7 different companies, you have more recommendations from multiple sources which makes you look "Reputable". This same principal applies to Link Building and the "Big G" does look at this very closely when analyzing your site(s). To make establish a site and for it to become reputable, you need to focus on building links from multiple sources and not just 1 or 2. Some examples would be building links from Web 2.0's, Social Media Sites (Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) and article directories. Here you would have three great sources of links pointing to your site and Google would say, "Well, this site must be a quality site, they have multiple references from multiple sources" so being sure that you have a good Link Diversity is important. Is Link Diversity something that you've already practiced or already heard of? Probably. But, this practice is especially important now and Link Diversity is something you can never over emphasize.

    Web 2.0 Link Building

    I've actually been seeing the discussions for Web 2.0 Link Building increasing as they're very beneficial and can offer you high quality and high PR links and can make a healthy contribution to increasing your sites rank. Web 2.0's are sites like http://hubpages.com, http://squidoo.com& http://gather.com and are great for publishing your content on and in addition to giving you high PR links will also give you free exposure on the site. For those who need it and for those who would like a list of Web 2.0 sites, for your convenience I've listed some below so you can start building Web 2.0 Links from your site.

    Thanks for reading and I'll be posting more updates soon. Have a great day everyone and if you have any questions or need help, you can post a comment below and I'll be sure to answer all questions. Enjoy the list below :)


    PR 9

    wordpress.com - pr9

    PR 8
    tumblr.com - pr8
    typepad.com - pr8
    weebly.com - pr8
    blogger.com - pr8
    tripod.com - pr8

    PR 7
    posterous.com - pr7
    jimdo.com - pr7
    yola.com - pr7
    squidoo.com - pr7
    multiply.com - pr7
    angelfire.com - pr7
    officelive.com - pr7
    rediff.com - pr7
    wikidot.com - pr7
    webs.com - pr7
    webnode.com - pr7
    salon.com - pr7

    PR 6

    edublogs.org - pr6
    webspawner.com - pr6
    soup.io - pr6
    ucoz.com - pr6
    travelblog.org - pr6
    gather.com - pr6
    springnote.com - pr6
    webstarts.com - pr6
    moonfruit.com - pr6
    journalspace.com - pr6
    blog.de - pr6
    onsugar.com - pr6
    quizilla.teennick.com - pr6
    areavoices.com - pr6
    freeblog.hu - pr6
    blog.com - pr6

    PR 5

    blogdrive.com - pr5
    blogtext.org - pr5
    freeflux.net - pr5
    freehostia.com - pr5
    zoomshare.com - pr5
    flixya.com - pr5
    webgarden.com - pr5
    ohlog.com - pr5
    livelogcity.com - pr5
    snappages.com - pr5
    sosblogs.com - pr5
    visualsociety.com - pr5
    insanejournal.com - pr5
    alivenotdead.com - pr5
    hazblog.com - pr5
    hpage.com - pr5
    blog.com.es - pr5
    350.com - pr5
    beep.com - pr5
    devhub.com - pr5
    blog.hr - pr5
    blinkweb.com - pr5
    ewebsite.com - pr5

    PR 4

    flukiest.com - pr4
    bloggum.com - pr4
    inube.com - pr4
    iseekblog.com - pr4
    hipero.com - pr4
    blurty.com - pr4
    bloghi.com - pr4
    wallinside.com - pr4
    getjealous.com - pr4
    fotopages.com - pr4
    wikipages.com - pr4
    freeblogspot.org - pr4
    myblogsite.com - pr4
    spi-blog.com - pr4
    2itb.com - pr4
    mytripjournal.com - pr4
    blogreaction.com - pr4
    doomby.com - pr4
    blogge.rs - pr4
    mywapblog.com - pr4
    yousaytoo.com - pr4

    PR 3

    publr.com - pr3
    blogster.com - pr3
    weblogplaza.com - pr3
    spyuser.com - pr3
    bcz.com - pr3
    iblog.at - pr3
    honmag.com - pr3

    PR 2

    blogpico.com - pr2
    evood.com - pr2
    uwcblog.com - pr2
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  2. Webs2Be


    Oct 4, 2012
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    I also have a list of article directories so if anyone wants it just let me know.
  3. PandaDomo

    PandaDomo Senior Member

    Apr 30, 2012
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    Well, I indefinitely wasted $19 now lol.
  4. Webs2Be


    Oct 4, 2012
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    I just decided to give the list to the community here, it's not my full list and does vary I was just being helpful I know there's a lot of people who could use it.