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Jun 5, 2012
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did not recieve links. seller keeps postponing it. then never delivered. waste of time

Transaction ID: 1CR71246G23098500


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Dec 15, 2015
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1 month since I got report. I've got zero impact of this service. Waste of money.


Dec 6, 2012
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Can you show me some samples?
Samples sent, yooray!

Hi, I am interested.

Please send me the samples.
Samples sent!

please send me samples for home niche
Samples sent!

Discount code please
Discount code sent!

I didn't get any update over this order.
Hello David, your order was placed on the 5th of May and is well within our promised timeline of 14-20 business days. Please feel free to write to us if you need any update on your order. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

did not recieve links. seller keeps postponing it. then never delivered. waste of time

Transaction ID: 1CR71246G23098500
Hello cotton swabs, I'm not sure whose email is not working properly at this point but your report has been sent out a long time ago: https://imgur.com/J1AGSAp

I'm re-sending your report after this. Please let me know if you have still not received it in the next 10 minutes. I'll be sending it over to your PM inbox as well.

Samples please
I'm sending you some samples in a while

1 month since I got report. I've got zero impact of this service. Waste of money.
Hello Kaffe, I quickly looked into your order to find out what's going on because we take our customer's feedback seriously. Right off the bat, you're targeting a really generic keyword that literally translates to "Women's shoulder bag" with results dominated by giant E-Commerce websites and fashion brands (refer screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/dEG0Irb). I recommend narrowing down your search terms to target more specific and relevant product types, even if it means lower search volume. Every start-up company needs to go through this and eventually climb up the ranks as you get more recognition online. Please understand that the 20 blog posts you purchased is not going to outrank these giants overnight, no matter if you're buying it from us or from any other service providers here. That said, I'd be more than happy to give you some guidance on how you should approach your SEO campaign. I'll be in touch with you shortly, Kaffe.

ordered ending 69470J
Thank you for the support, Billy!

Got my Report
Everything is discrete to ensure no footprint.
I only got a partial screenshort report which is great, to ensure network is safe.
Blog looks good from the screenshot and I am just waiting to see a bump in my rankings soon.
Will be ordering more for sure
Results are INSANE! I've been trying to rank these keywords for a long time now. They are extremely hard keywords and I've bought many services but none really worked. FutureX finally pushed my site up within few weeks! Hope to get on first page soon! Thank you!
Purchased since the launch of the service. Huge boost in rankings! Both keywords (affiliate site) went from #25 to #8 and #48 to #14. Highly recommended, guys!
I was one of the early birds who bought this at discounted price. I received my report, obviously nothing much on it, except for a few screenshots of my keywords only. I was a bit sceptical but fine, whatever. Probably that was done to protect the network. Few weeks later, 3 out of my 5 keywords experienced pretty decent ranking improvements.
From #54 to #11
From #39 to #17
From #65 to #18
This is something you'd buy if you want SERP boosts only instead of the fancy report unless you need to present it to your local clients. Overall, it's a very recommended service with real ranking results. Thanks!
Expected primary keywords to rank higher but my secondary keywords rank on first page instead. Still a good thing though. Maybe it's too early to tell but this is a service that works! I purchased another Pluto Package. Transaction ID 776K793872S
Woke up today and saw some best SERP improvements so far! 10/10 great service!
Purchased one more for my other campaign!
Transaction ID xxx2049857574922T
Birdy was able to deliver with great report - Sites were blur on screenshots but everything looks good from angle view.. Overall report comes good . I'll be looking forward to results which looks promising.
I bought three of the packages provided here. I must say, the pages look really nice, looks human. Metrics are great and the articles and images are top notch as well. I can highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to see ranking improvements.
Few days ago i received my report. Report is only screenshots and i cant say much from it. But two days ago some of the links start to show in gwt. Awesome metrics, good content. It is too early for serp increase but i will wait and i will post update after few weeks. Good service.
one of the good PBNs service that I ordered, got my report 2 days ago and starting to see some good serps movement I will reorder next month for sure.
OK, time to give honest review as I gave it some time after delivery.
Links were catched by GWT so I could see them. I must say PBNs and articles were really high quality, one of the best I've seen here at BHW, seriously.
Also I got great SERP increase, my 2 main keywords are sitting at top of 2 page. I used smaller package.
My rating: 8.5/10
I will order more.
Quick Review Of This SERVICE :
I ordered @birdy23 PLUTO service 2 months ago and got a report like a month after. Due to their 20 business days TAT delivery which is ok with me. I have my Keywords bouncing around 3-4 page of google before placing an order. 2 weeks into placing ORDER ! I experienced a boost in SERP for the selected KWs given when ordering this package --- It's started looking promising to as 2 weeks just to short to experience such quick boost.
I chilled to get the final output --- On getting the report and waiting a week after I got the massive movement -- It's so much unbelievable :eek::eek: -- I know the games quite good and these Kws ain't as cheap to rank. --- But I've done a great job with the ONPAGE and stuff -- I'm sure these added to the success of my SERP movement.
Report from Prorantracker after a month of working with PLUTO
I have the second ORDER placed to see these through to the TOP -- Also got the websites on my GSC even if they not showing on report hahaha. Look clean & like a trusted individual webpage.
I'll see what the second package got in STOCK -- I'm sure to see the BLUE SOON !!
Well almost immediately I noticed a very nice increase in movement for my keywords. I still have some time to see the full effects so I'm very excited to see the finished rankings. Will definitely be ordering more in the near future.
Can't add an image because of my post count, but my top two keywords already went up 4 places to the number 3 spot (only beaten by Yelp), and a handful of others are increasing nicely as well. Out of my 16 tracked keywords, 12 increased nicely, 3 stayed in the same place (already in top positions), and one went down a spot (not an important keyword).
Good shit!
Thanks birdy!
There are only a few services that I use (t0mmy, janist, bluematter, visualedge - just to name a few) and birdy's service is one of them that I've consistently used for my campaigns. I'll just let this screenshot speak for itself.
One of the early birds when the service launched. I manage to list down all the blog posts from Google dashboard after a few months so here's my review:
Articles: The content seemed to be written by two different writers. Half of them are really well-written, almost journalist level, customized and written very closely to my local business. They even have my contact details and my business address in some of the content, which is really awesome. While, the other half are okay, seemed like one of those $5 per 300 words articles. Overall, they are still pretty good content quality for blog posts. Probably the best thing I love about the service.
Metrics: Accurate as described. A few sites have up to 40-42 DA,PA and TF. Average is about 27.3 instead of 25+, as stated on the thread.
Ranking: Three of my primary keywords are on the first page now, started from #22, #48 and #57 to #3, #4 and #9. (I purchased this together with t0mmy's subscription service so you can try it too)
Timeline: The timeline took about a month, which is rather slow. But again, it's probably because of the content quality. I'm okay with that. Could deliver much sooner.
Overall, pretty satisfied. Back for another order.
Pros: Good PBN, easily tracked on GWT. At least 5 sites have 42+ DA/PA/TF blog posts. Most of them are 25+ in metrics. The sites are beautifully made, very well written content and unique. Had very good ranking improvements too. From #118 and #65 to #12 and #29. I expect more to come!
Cons: TAT is slow (18 days), reports were not exactly the best because they only send partial not full.
Conclusion: It ranks but it’s very hard for me to outsource to local clients because they are screenshot reports. Other than that, it’s perfect!
Bought this service a few months back just to test out for easy competition keyword. Site is ranking page 1 now. Buying a bigger package! :)
Transaction ID: 7091
Fantastic results! Several keywords jumped from page 8-10 to 2-3.
Have waited awhile to test the results on this campaign as I figured it takes an additional month or so to really see the results of the campaign. I've been running some pretty competitive keywords and have been pleasantly surprised at the results of FutureX! Seen some solid jumps for some keywords and smaller jumps for others (the more competitive terms) since ordering this package over a month ago and have been very happy. Needless to say ordering these should give you a rank increase, if it doesn't it likely has more to do with your onpage.
Rankings have solidified, aren't jumping and definitely would recommend the service! Thanks again!
Gone are the days when you can rank sites with one of those 1 dollar blog posts with mediocre metrics. If you're looking for PBN services that actually ranks, this will be one of them. Few of my keywords have jumped to first page with the largest package. Funny thing is that, I targeted secondary keywords but my primary ranked instead. I just made another order for my other project. Looking forward to the same great results!
Amazing service, already seeing the results.
I got my report. The ranking movements were really positive.
I did some on-page SEO tweaks myself, but I'm 100% certain these links have helped.
These links pushed my rankings big time for a difficult set of keywords in the self help niche. Kudos.
Got the Report today!
Everything is discrete to ensure no footprint.
I only got the screenshot report which is what it is supposed to.
The blog looks good from the screenshot and I am ready to see the ranking bump
I will be ordering more shortly.
Just an update.
I placed 2 orders with @birdy23 on July 2nd, he had them both confirmed and then completed by July 11th and 12th. It's been roughly a week and the movement has already been positive! Thanks Steve, going to place another 2 or 3 orders here within the next day or two!
Great work indeed. It took 26 calendar days from order to delivery, for 100 posts. I had spread the 100 posts to around 28 pages, don't remember how many. All within the same site except 1 page on a different site on the same niche. So only a few links per page. A lot of the pages have jumped up much, including a couple that have hit from the bottom of the first page to the top of the first page (top-5 from top ~9-10), some from the fourth to the second page, some from second to first and a couple that did not yet improve (obviously, cannot expect all 28 to hit first page with one service, that's absurd). Also, the report was delivered just yesterday, so I expect more rank changes to show up over the next 2-3 weeks, and I won't build any link to these pages at all in the next month and half or so.
I am impressed with the service. I think this is great work done. I am going to be a repeat customer in the future.
Just received my report. It is screenshots of the links placed on pages. I am starting to see the links show up in search console as well and the sites look really good. Happy with the results and will order again :)
Got my report earlier than expected. Everything looks great. Will be using again soon.
Just got my report. Everything's looking good. Thanks for the service :)
Review time:
First off the pricing on x100 links with coupon code was fantastic, especially since the sites look great and have good metrics. On top of that delivery was faster than advertised which is always good to see.
There was a bit of a mix up in regards to the instructions I sent but the seller immediately made things right, which I think it's a huge plus for the review and service itself.
Overall, this is an awesome service with a top notch seller.
My first order done with birdy23 last week and honestly i can see positive movement on my kws.
That was first order with him so gone for 20 links , im definitely gonna place another order very soon.
Birdy23's service has never failed me. Bought it over and over again for all my projects. I placed 2 more orders!
BAM! Here you go! I should have left this review long time ago. Overall, pretty quality stuff. Very satisfied.
Order placed for 100 more. Transaction ID 7806P
Got order delivered :) 40 links with screenshot proofs of "anchor".
I can't say anything about rankings atm but since I know Birdy and his work ... it should be good.
The thing I was missing was actually a screenshot of the article. I know the thread says only "URL PROOF" is there but I think people would appreciate it, if they saw what kind of article they actually got written on that PBN post.
Lets hope for the best ^^
Ordered another 100 posts for a different client. I've been very happy with the results so far.
Transaction ID: 740142298J714323A
Super fast delivery. Ordered for a newer site targeting medium comp. keyword for product launching at the end of the year. Will continue to update with rankings. Order completed in under a week!
Small Review:
I'm pretty impressed, bought 100posts on July 30. Made a small test on Future X, new post with no links. (Not new website).
The keyword has 110k monthly searches, my ranks: Nowhere --> Stable 4 for a while now. So...
Trans ID: 4194W
Bought the largest package (100 blog posts) few months ago.
1. Sites: Great Domain/Page Authority and Trust Flow metrics. Overall metrics were as advertised.
2. Design: Some sites design could have been better but I'm not too nit-picky about it.
3. Delivery: About 3 weeks to be completed.
4. Report: Very simple pastebin link. You'll have trouble presenting it to your local clients.
5. Rankings: Most importantly, moved most of my keywords to first page (took a while)
Conclusion: Bought another package! :)
Second Order, good results the first time around.
Transaction ID: 003G
Just got delivery on our second large order. The first one was very powerful. Highly recommend these link packages, a few of these high quality links are so much better then thousands of shitty backlinks. Will keep an eye on our rankings are update again once everything is indexed and the our rankings reflect the new backlinks. Thanks team!
Just got my second order from Steve and once again he had great communication to ensure the order was exactly how I wanted it. I still can't believe the price of these after the coupon is applied. These are nice, well built PBN's with powerful metrics and are a steal. My last order took several fairly difficult keywords from unranked to page 2. I'm sure this batch will easily get me onto page 1. Very pleased, and after these settle I'll be back for more.
These links really pushed my sites up the rankings! Back for another order! :)
Transaction ID: 7819
Review Time
I ordered 100 posts on 11/6. I received the completion email on 11/26. I'm seeing fantastic results already, on 12/4, and think they may even improve some more. I will definitely order again in the future.
Keyword #1: #14 up to #5
Keyword #2: #13 up to #6
Keyword #3: #14 up to #4
Fantastic work! Really appreciate it!
Great service
received my order.
Awesome quality. He delivered me HQ sites with great contextual links!
Recommended Service
Have just re-ordered after I was very impressed with the ranking improvements from the 1st order! Hopefully will get the same results again.
Cheers guys!
Used this service 2 times and have seen results. Got my last report on 9th Jan and my site went from NA to page 6 and is still increasing. As more links get published and indexed, the rankings will get better. Will update rankings after a month.
One thing that can be improved is the report. OP only provides us with screenshots of content. If he provided an excel sheet containing details about domain (DA, PA, RD, etc), the anchor text used for the posts, and the date on which the post is scheduled to be published
Good service for the price point.
Purchased one more package. Amazing results as always! :)

Only a few days since the package was complete, although we are seeing some very promising results in the SERPs. Thank you!

View attachment 112798

All my keywords went through the roof! Had great results with the previous 2 orders.
Here's one more order! Please don't use the same sites again, thanks!
Transaction ID: xxxx78451
Just want to update regarding the rank. Even though he is not the only service I use, but I'm sure his service boost my SERP.
Will update again in a few weeks or month if I see good improvement. Thank you so much. :)

review time:
I ordered the service 1 months ago and got the report last day . Due to their 4 to 6 weeks TAT delivery which is ok with me. I have my Keywords bouncing around 3-4 page of google before placing an order. but my top two keywords already went up 4 places to the number 3 spot.Three of my primary keywords are on the first page now, started from #21, #20 and #24 to #3, #4 and #4

Fantastic work! Really appreciate it! Recommended Service!
Got my report today for 40 links and I am very satisfied. I had some problems 10 days AFTER I placed the order and OP still worked it out and helped get things done properly. This is the best Customer support I have seen ever on BHW. I have used this service before and had good ranking improvements but now I love this service more just because of the support one can get.

100% recommended!
Got my delivery, links were built fast and look great, cant wait to see the results!
Very good service, already seeing good serp movements









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Apr 25, 2012
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Hello. I hope all is well. Please send a discount and niches available.
Kind regards


Dec 6, 2012
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Feb 13, 2019
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Hey, sorry about that, Birdy. Following you now, so you can pm me. I should probably get my post count up so I can message you, but there are so many moving parts in this game with sooo much to do. lol