Future of "spying"

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    May 25, 2011
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    I was watching the cnn video on how the FBI caught the Russian spys. And I was thinking that in the future there is a possible market for legal "spying" instead of the current getting stolen information which gets people into prison and deported.

    A person that is a citizen of nation A sets up a corporation that adertises in a major city with ads along the line of "With the current government finance problems your pensions are not guaranteed. Call Us we pay up to 4x what the Government pays" You then hire experts in fields such as aeronautics,space,military tech and other high security fields and sciences. They then work on projects for the company.

    The company then sells information which they have researched on their own to nation B which wants to spy on nation A. Obviously a person from nation A wont directly work for the government of Nation B due to loyalty issues,but if they think the company is doing projects for nation A,then they will.This way no one goes to jail and there is nothing that can be done against the owner of the company by nation A since the research created and tech created belongs to the company.

    I always wondered why nowadays nations still use spys instead of just using middle men and out paying what the other nation pays for getting more advanced research.

    And to black hat the owner of the company could sell information to nation A about the tech that nation B is getting,by creating another company that is a fake private spy firm.
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