Future Information = Dominate Market

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    I added this in the blog section because I was talking to mainly to bloggers. But this could be used for any type of information site.

    Found a nice little site with tons of information about future products and technology. Use this site to hopefully find a future niche that has not been saturated.

    -edit- I can't add sites. Just do a google search of future trends and technology. Find something that interests you and invest.

    Think of it as an investment. You could get lucky and hit the next big trend.

    Why should you look for future trends and not already popular ones?
    As mentioned on BHW before.. most future trends are not yet competitive. If you are one of the first sites with those keywords a year or two in advance, you will be one of the authority sites.

    This is just my opinions and advice. Don't do anything unless you feel confident in it. All investments you make into buying domains/webhosting is your own decisions.
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