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Furious Man

Aug 4, 2015
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Order Placed, Already I taken the free review copy in giveaway section.
Thanks for coupon.
Transaction ID:**********RKT9Q

Two orders placed. One with special instructions.

Let me know if you have any questions and also how large the networks are (For multiple ordering).

Order Placed: PP Trans ID 7TE50*******1945Y

Please dripfeed 9+ days. I supplied 15 keywords, use each once. 1 anchor per post. Please make sure you use different author/user names for each web2.0 property... this is important.

Order placed: 3YP5375XXXXXXX5882K

Please use 1 anchor every post. Thanks!

Placed Order: 10V15113LT27XXXXX

Looks pretty cool, please I will need you to send some samples and coupon code. :)


I checked the report from OP, Got the 15 super web 2.0 links and all the links are indexed in Google, Article was 300+ words unique spun article, but it's readable and Fast TAT (Ordered Yesterday)
Overall it's perfect service, A+

View attachment 79631

well OP is very good , i was given 3 spun articles all blogspot.com , which are 100 % unique with a suitable picture ..today i checked the website i got the web 2.0 for , check the picture and judge for yourself . yeah they are strong web 2.0
OP did not ask me to come here and leave a review , i noticed that i started seeing results after afew days so he is worth the review ***** 5 STARS bro

order made ****13431.
confirm order and i will send you details of order later

Placed 3 orders :
Transaction ID:

Hope there is bonuses for me :p


orders placed . *******17E939562D.

please confirm


What the heck? 48 hours after I ordered I got both reports. I did not even get the answer to my question (How large are the networks - so I can order multiple times for a single site).

Well, anyways.

TAT - Outstanding.

No chasing around work. No waiting for a report. I got both reports in my email on a clean report.

Content / Posts - You get better than you pay for.

Spun well, comes out as unique. A readability issue here and there, but over all good for spun content. Each post included images. Formatting was well done. A lot of web 2.0 sellers ignore proper formatting on posts, and these were all formatted well.

Special Instructions - A +.

This is where the service shines for me. I love fast TAT, I love above garbage posting. But I need my instructions to be followed. One set I requested all generic / no exact match anchors. OP provided me 15 slightly different anchors, ranging from generic to generic + long tail KWs. This was great and better than I asked for.

On a second order, I asked for all 15 exact match anchors. OP did me one better and used 2/3 as slight variation. Adding plural, ', and other such variation. This was done in a way to make the content read better and improve anchor text ratios. This bit of attention to detail stands out to me.

Blog Stats - As described.

OP is transparent. You are getting aged web 2.0 posts which are niche relevant. No promise of great link juice. But what you do get are a good variety of Web 2.0s. On each order I got several aged Weebly posts, which are now super rare. The posts I checked were indexed already. Default themes changed even on hard to manage web 2.0s (I always struggle with Overblog, but OP did a good job).

All in all, good service if you know how to use it. Niche relevant, aged web 2.0s for anchor diversity are great and this service does just that.

Order Placed.
Thanks for coupon.
YTransaction ID:********3LDY7


next order placed . ********6W9027628.



Everything is great so far. Well done!

Good work, got the report within a day and it's clear report.Totally OP did a good job.

just received my report for second order.
posts are well again, but all are in the same web 2.0 user account ..

will not make a new order, otherwise I have the third page in the same account. :(

tell me if you have new accounts.

I have a question.

I have a site with 15 posts. Would you make 1 web2.0 targetting each post if I bought this?

Quick TAT and nice quality for the price. Just as promised. Many thanks!

Discounts still available?

Order Placed: XXX294158

Please don't forget to follow instructions.
Thanks :)

This is Review time:

Just Now I Got My report from OP,
Article was 300+ words spun article with unique,
All the links are Google indexed
The Niche relevant 15 Web 2.0 with readable content is Perfect
The Image was relevant to my keyword.
Perfect and Fast TAT
This is the great Niche Relevant Services(A+ service)
Best of Luck for your sales buddy
Thank you


Delivered as promised
Good content and readable

Will order again for sure

hey buddy, thanks for your coupon
My second order is placed
Transaction Id: XXX569

am an expert once again your service will be a good one

Place an order a few days ago and just received my report! Great job and i looking forward to see results... I will order another one soon

I will order another one soon, great job and i looking forward to see results...

Just placed another order.. I like the results of my first order!!

Order placed.

Last 4 Digits #751A

Also, can you add my homepage link and keyword for 10 post? I purchased 30 Web and forgot to mention my homepage url and keyword on it.

Please confirm it.

Just placed an order for 15, PP Trans XXXXXX31JX613293X

Order ID : 202R

Thanks for service

Placed an order.
Paypal Transac ID last 4 digits: 9438

trans id 592X

hi mate ..

Order 30 homepage post
ID for this payment is: 6YP3endsxxxxxxxx611P.
Please confirm this .TQ

Order placed thank you

Samples looks good. Order placed
Last four digit:6H52

Hello mate,
I just made an order: XXX-52809 30 web2.0

Order Placed For Games Niche
Transaction ID: *******MQI7

30 Site order just made Transaction ID: XXXX3975D4237954X

still coupon code available buddy

OP you did very good Job and was very fast,
very nice to talk with!
Thank you :)


Got my two links, the content is clean and readable. OP also communicated through Skype.

The site had good metrics.

Good Service Overall!


Just received REVIEW COPY!

Everything is top quality. Content is unique and clean without any mistakes, links are quite strong.
Waiting for slight change in SERP..

Will update my report here!

Got my fair share of 2 web 2.0 properties and the content written was also easy to go through. The work done was as described to the OP and the way he added the properties on two different sites with images makes it look legit.

Good job!

hi Furious,
just sent you two orders for testing purpose.

1. 30 pack: 1032
2. 15 pack: 100P
please take care.

Received 2 free links from OP. The links are perfect with 300+ words content about my niche. Also a exact image about my niche not just a random niche image.

The links have the following PA and DA:
PA 45 DA 65.
PA 57 DA 68

Thank you OP for the great links!

Received my report today, OP did a splendid job. The DAs are better than i anticipated (78, 68) and he made sure to include images in the posts.

Definitely recommended

I just recived a couple of links that Furious Man has made for me. The content used was spun content with the keyword placed within the text.

This service was great, so i am thinking of buying more links like this in the future.

Great work Furious Man ! :)

order placed for 15 sites

Hello Furious, do you provide any discount for bulk order? PM me please.

Please send coupon code. I am interested in 15 web2.0. Will all 15 web2.0 article be 100% unique and readable? Or are you going to use one artcle and spun it to make 15 unique artcles?

Looks interesting so I have placed a order **********944F to test your service. Hope it lives up to expectations

Order placed for 15 DO FOLLOW Web 2.0

Last 4 Transaction ID #7811

Just ordered: Last 4 digits of Trans ID: 415D

I just ordered 2 services : 1. ID #xxxxxxxxxxxxx862T) - 30 web 2.0
2. ID #xxxxxxxxxxxxx6331) - 30 web 2.0

Placed custom order for 20 web 2.0's!

I have received my report, Will evaluate quality & post a detailed feedback shortly..

Placed order for 15 web 2.0s!
Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxx10333

I received my report a month ago and didn't realize it.

Though the content is spun but it's still readable by human. Overall it is very neat and clean content. Will make new order again in couple days. Thanks.

Can I order 20 web 2.0?

Custom order. Thanks!

Here is my first order,
Transaction ID: 32U66086CF910545K

I'll post my review soon!

My Honest Review
I bought 30 web 2.0 with discount and here is my review

Speed: 3/5

He take long time to finish the order , primary he send me the report but about half of the links have problems and he take too much time to fix this links (about 3 weeks from starting order to finish)

Communication : 3/5

The same as speed , he wait for a day or 2 to say "ok i will fix the links " then wait another days to say again "which links have the errors" and so on ..... all the communication like that

Quality : 4.2/5

at 1st i receive report with half of the links are deleted or not contain my link but he fixed them later
- 2 posts are not relevant "1 post not related to my niche" and other post published on non relevant blog
-but every thing else is ok i say on my 1st review

Overall : 3.7/5

If he can speed the process and respond well it will be great service

Samples looks good. I decide to placed an order for 30 web 2.0!
Transaction ID: 694*********2232D

Just Ordered 15 PP Trans XXXXXXX5PF895142A

Received my order for 15 Web 2.0s. All high quality and just as the OP had described. I'll be ordering again this week.

Just placed my order Receipt number: ********E228733D please follow the instruction i sent. Thanks i look forward to see good results from this

Got Diwali Offer Transaction ID : 838390944J0XXXXXX

Please send me some samples and let me know still the 30% discount is available ?

Saw a few samples provided by the seller, very impressed with the unique designs and effort put in.
Will surely be ordering a few posts when i am ready.

got report from the last order :cool:
placed new order, transaction Id : xxxxxxxxxxx80831S

I have revived my reports of 10 web 2.0 all links are fine and indexed in google. I will use this service again.

Got my reports few days back. Reviewed them properly the articles where placed on good web2.0 and the article quality was okay and readable but its okay in this pricing.
I think Its a good service since instead of building and linking from a new web2.0, you will get a link from a web2.0 which is already aged and had quite lot of articles.

I have sent 3 keywords to OP out of which 2 are in page 3 right now while one jumped to #1 :p:p

this keyword has 170 searches and was very easy. Lets see if the other 2 also come near to page 1 soon.
Thanks buddy will order more in upcoming days.

Hi. Placed an order for x20 posts, trans ID last four digits: 8300E

Please read the extra instructionI in my order details, and follow it. Thank you.

Plz send me your samples and the best offer for bulk packs.

Received my report from seller today. Very good and branded blog names, and the metrics are as promised.

Service was fast, communication was also very smooth between the seller and myself for a minor change in my order details.

I recommend this service as one of the better ones here on BHW. Thanks for the good work!

please send me samples and the payment link and what you need etc.


Received my report. Everything was delivered as promised. Very happy with the service.

Placed 2 orders with transaction IDs: 9U168934Y42075831 & 0M007812PX030501F.

Placed new Order: 2AD499279H1394038
Thanks for your work.

Order xxxx9156YN1864702

coupon code not working for me

Very good support to answering my pre sales questions - I have just ordered 20 web 2.0's trans 781X. Looking forward to seeing the result. Can we drip feed it to 1 a day? So over 20 days please

Just ordered. :) ------1909225682K

just ordered XXXXXXXXXXX63928

2 x orders placed, transaction IDs below.


Great work, this is my 3rd order and there will be many more soon!

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Apr 17, 2013
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Just received my report(after less than 48 hours), and for $5 this is really good service.

Blogs are decent looking, and each article(at least first 5-6) are completely different! They are spinned(we can't expect 15 original articles for $5 lol), some of them more readable than others.

Also, very important- all blogs were related to my niche.

All in all, recommended and will certainly use again :)

Furious Man

Aug 4, 2015
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Thanks For Review Bro
Just received my report(after less than 48 hours), and for $5 this is really good service.

Blogs are decent looking, and each article(at least first 5-6) are completely different! They are spinned(we can't expect 15 original articles for $5 lol), some of them more readable than others.

Also, very important- all blogs were related to my niche.

All in all, recommended and will certainly use again :)



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Mar 16, 2017
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send me samples with coupon code
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