Funny True Headlines

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    These Are Some Of The Funniest Headlines I've Even Seen, That Have Actually Been Placed In Major Newspapers....Just Read 'em lol

    - Crack found in Man's buttocks

    - One handed man applauds the kindness of strangers

    - Chick accuses some of her male colleagues of sexism

    - Poison Control Centre reminds everyone not to take poison

    - Great Tits cope well with global warming (Great Tits are a bird variety)

    - Keegle fills Seichman?s gap with Seeman

    - Tiger Woods plays with own balls, spokeman said

    - Margie weds long time girlfriend, slams Bush

    - Child wins gun from fundraiser

    - Federal Agents raid gun shop and find weapons

    - Condom truck tips and spills it's load

    - Army vehicle disappears after being painted with camouflage
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