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    lol i was browsing craigslist and came across this job posting and couldnt stop laughing.

    Entry level networking server admin tech support.

    Pay is $8 to $15/hr depending on attitude and skill. Part time to full time.

    Small business that runs networks for hotels, office buildings and our Data Center. We are not very organized and do not have time to tell you how to do something, that is what google is for.

    Skills appreciated:
    Talking patiently to idiots on the phone
    Figuring stuff out your self
    Asking only when you are way over your head
    Linux shell navigation
    Putting old servers and network equipment on ebay without asking what it is UTFSE
    Minimal HTML
    Any useful scripting language
    cable organizing
    PC building
    Ability to crimp and punch cat5 cable
    Loads of nerdy friends that you can ask for help when you do not know what you are doing
    Any routing or network config skills
    If you know anything about Mikrotik, that is a plus
    Asterisk or Trixbox
    Knowing anything three phase 208v and 480v circuits

    Benefits: No formal benefits
    Fringe Benefits:
    Work downtown
    Loads of bandwith to make you feel cool (not to waste)
    Learn lots of stuff by doing it
    A cool boss
    Sometimes you can work from home

    Must be able to lift a 50lb server up to your shoulder
    PS I am the boss and sometimes I have to mop the floor. If I have to do it, it is not too good for you.

    No recruiters, temp services or professional middlemen. School job departments ok. High school students encouraged.