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    Well, I have been nurturing a funny pictures wordpress website along for about six months now. I have it set up where every time I make a post on the blog it automatically posts to related (and well tended), Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. After several months the blog has gained pr1 status, which is not much, but if I make 3 to 8 posts a day I can get upwards of 1,500 or more, (sometimes way more) unique hits a day. Problem is of course monetizing such a site and there has been quite a few posts on BHW about how to do that.

    I have Adsense ads on the site, (of course), and I am making a bit of money that way but what the site really needs is someone more creative than me. :)

    I am quite a bit older than what the audience of my site is and it is a real struggle for me to stay up with the memes, if you know what I mean :).

    Curmudgeon... that me!

    Ha ha!

    I have learned that making money online is like cooking, ya gotta have all the ingredients in the right proportions and everything has to be added at the right time with the heat turned up just right...

    N'est pas?