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    - I have a competition on my forum and I welcome you all to take part-
    Please read below and if you want to take part then please do:

    As you all know I started this forum just for a laugh, I don't get a massive amount of time to keep posting so I do big and small competitions to just kick the forum up the arse a little bit so here is another competition to get your kicks from - Just think you could get some dollar for having a giggle!!

    Right I'm going to extend the goal posts from the normal competitions I do, purely and only as I end up paying our prizes and not getting a lot back in return in the forum so here are the far but maybe strict rules but if you don't like it then get a paper round or something :)

    This is the post ill be slapping round other forums:

    FORUM POSTING COMPETITION - Win Big Prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need a boost on our forum as its new and we wanted to reward all our new members with incentives to post quality threads and posts.

    We are offering $100 in prize money to be split - 1st, 2nd, 3rd for the most posts.

    First person to reach 400 posts by the 30th November will WIN the grand prize of $50

    The second person to reach 400 posts by the 30th November will win $30

    Third person to reach reach 400 posts by the 30th November wins $20

    You need to follow these very basic rules :

    1: You must post in this thread to say your taking part Click
    2: One word threads will not be counted at all
    3: Spam is crap and will not count at all
    4: You can't be offended easy
    5: If you cant be funny then at least try

    What do you need to know?

    You need to be funny or at least have a sense of humour
    You wont be able to post links/videos until you have a mere 5 posts
    I will encourage others to report crap posts so be warned crap/copy/pasted posts wont work

    The forum is called so join up, get posting and win = simples

    You can PM me on the forum for any questions here