Funding options for multiple adwords accounts!

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    Nov 18, 2008
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    Hello,to make a long story short,I have been advertising on adwords for quite sometime for a product that is supposedly against their TOS. However, Google has had less strict enforcement on such products compared to a year ago, so they did let me run the accounts for a month or two with no problem. However, now the accounts are banned and I have to create new and completely separate accounts for the same product.

    I am sure many of you have similar experience and so I need advice for these:

    1) If an account has been banned, will Google record banned URL's in their system, even if they were deleted from the account? In other words, if I start a brand new account funded by a different CC, will google catch on immediately if I use the same domain name?

    2) What if the new accounts are of completely the same setup, same keywords but just a different domain but showing similar content?

    3) Also, these accounts could be banned again a month or two later and google does associate accounts with funding credit cards, so I really need like a new credit card every month to keep the business going.

    However, to do this business for years, I would need like 10 to 12 cards annually, which is impossible to get the normal way.

    So does anyone have any good idea on how to get around that? Please note I am located outside of North America, so I could only use the Post-Pay option.
    Will google allow virtual credit cards issued by ePassporte?

    Thanks for your time!