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May 27, 2009
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I believe that many businesses are under capitalized and fail mainly due to not having enough funds at the beginning so when events hit or expansion explodes, the owner cannot survive. I have many years as an entreprenur and have found that if I seek funds when I don't need them, my attitude is much better than if I have a delimma I am facing that has a deadling and that scared feeling of having to close the doors affects how I conduct negotiations and my successes. Anyway, I think that if it is planned at the beginning, there would be more business successes. Anyhow, I found a great website that for free, they give you their best 10 funders if you sign up for 7 days and that is also free so you can present your business plan. Do a good job researching the business and know the problems in and out. I have written many business plans and angel investors love honesty and they really like it when you know the negative aspects too.
thanks for the help im gonna look into the site and see what it can do for me, it looks ok so far but ill report back and let everyone know
you wont get anyone loaning you any money if you dont have good decent credit...most you probably get with some car collateral and bad credit or no credit $1500.00 no more..
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