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    Hey everyone i just found the coolest affiliate program and thought i would let you guys in on it, ive never seen anything like it and i have already made a lot of money, heres how it works, oh and its hosting, Very easy money, and its kinda white hat for now, untill you guys come up with some ideas

    Affiliate Options:

    You have two options: make $97 per new signup or 10% of all payments they make forever.
    Earnings are multi-level, meaning you can receive $5 or 5% for everyone your referral signs up

    Unique Affiliate Program Ability:
    You can make unique promo codes that only you have. You can choose to give free domains, more storage, more bandwidth, or a discount, or any combination. This is useful because you can make a unique promo code that no one else has, providing an offer like no one else. How this works is that you give up part of your $97 affiliate commission. i have found giving a 50$ discount and a free lifetime domain regestration has been pretty successful even though i only get 35$ per sign up, the potential is endless, you can find crazy ways to use PPC with this, or emails, or really anything, i know some of the most brilliant minds are on these forums, if someone comes up with a really good idea, please PM me and share it with me for sharing this with you :p

    Promo Code:
    By using a promo code such as DKO you can provide the ability for someone to write down the promo code and visit the site when they have a chance and use the code instead of clicking on a link.

    My Example of a customized unique code to provide a free domain and a $77 discount, to provide a years worth of hosting and a free domain name for only $42.40
    Here is what you get for one payment of $42.40:

    FREE domain for life

    1 year of webhosting

    500 GB of Disk Spac

    5 TB of Transfer a Month

    more features

    Thats a pretty good deal so im sure all of you wont have to hard of a time converting this

    Good luck and hope the cash will come pouring in for all of you too!!! : ) PM me with any questions, and rep if you want :p

    heres the link to the affiliate page: dreamhost.com

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    Spamming your affiliate link in here isn't acceptable. I'd suggest you read the rules before posting next time.
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    That's absolutely correct. OP, read the line of text at the top of the page that describes this section:

    Affiliate Programs Talk about Affiliate programs, advice, questions and opinions. Do NOT spam your affiliate links here!

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