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Repeat Selling Out MP - Doxxing - Harass Comps.
Nov 29, 2009
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Friend of mine has been sent a contract to partner up, offering him 70/30.

Is there any reason to go with this outfit?
Are there better companies to deal with ?
Is he as well just applying for adsense himself ?

pointless going with network, Fullscreen can easily do 90/10 if your content is good.. and you are good at negotiations.. But whay go that route I dont find it much useful. I am trying to pull one of my channel off them.. But have to serve the contract period unfortunately..
you can always negotiate terms of contract!
Why do you want a network? Seems like a waste of money.
Am i right that the fullscreen network does protect all your content over youtube and also promotes your channel, so if people are using your stuff they automaticly track it and you get paid etc
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