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    Hello to all,
    First sorry for my english,

    Let me introduce me,
    I was full time in betting exchange during some years and i?ve stopped some months ago due to new laws in belgium which exclude us of most of betting websites and because i want since a long time to convert me as traditional trader and because of some other things but that?s not interesting ^^
    The interesting part is that we can earn a lot of money with betting exchange trading.

    So why i?m here you?ll tell me ?
    That?s simple , for the reasons described above and because at the beginning i didn?t want to share my strategies ( like many of you i think ) but finally, with them i can win money and make win money to you and because there is no advantage to take them in the grave.
    Furthermore i?m enough good to find strategies,etc but i?m enough spendthrift ( to don?t say really spendthrift ) so i don?t spit on money to build a nice bank and invest in forex and last things ,

    I've never seen ANY PROFITABLE STRATEGY across all the forum and that?s logical because of the liquidity.

    So i think i can be really useful here.

    But like me, i guess you like to see some proofs, unfortunately, because i'm a new member i can post link and show screenshots but i'd be happy to share it in private

    My strategies are not exclusively on sports but also on indices.

    I'm not a sales representative , i'm a trader and i've not yet a tariff plan because it's really difficult to evaluate of course so i'm open to the dicussion .

    A main advantage for you is that, as you can see in the screen, the gains are pretty big so you can quickly pay the cost of training courses of and that's not a middle or bad strategy like so many in which it's just the ability of the trader which make win some % in a year.

    This subject is open to you like my private messaging for personal and contact details.

    skype : lechatthomas

    good evening and nice world cup to all !
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    OP, so you aren't sharing this exclusively


    Please somebody ban this fool.
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    Why isn't this guy a mod already??

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    What's that 'Pro Links' stuff in that screen?