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    From like 2011-2016 I built up massive youtube arsenal. Never cared about the subscribers, only cared about 4 digit affiliate income ;)

    But, I neglected building the sites around them. So.. In late 2016 I started again.

    One project, I had been working on was around the climbing niche. I created some great info videos, and some reviews of products and every summer I got some passive income... havent touch the channel for 2 years and it still banks €€€ every summer season...

    "why not rebuild a page around it?"

    As I already bought the .domain in the past, I setup wp, and started hammering articles...

    Turned out, NO CHANCE!

    As easy it was to get 80% of the videos on #1 (!!!), as hard it is to even get a 3 word 20 monthly (!) search to page 3...


    for products:
    page 1 is crowed with online shops... so any "best yada gear" is taken....
    page 1 is crowded with several "bestreview2017.com" sites... shitty DA sites, with no links to their articles, but in the end --- hard to pass them..
    Problem... As those "review sites" dont even have any links going to their subpages, there is not really anything I can copy/clone with ahrefs..
    even found some dude that got him an expired domain from the wealth niche, and recycled it for "best whateverproduct comparison 2017" keywords..

    for "info articles", "how to .. fix some climbing gear..."
    page 1 is crowded with old authority sites..


    most keywors, kwfinder spits out kwdif around 20-25... but the problem is not the STRONG competition, is the amount of countless competition...

    gladly, I am passionate about this kind of sport and I never give up on my projects... even if, I turn them into small blogposts and recycle them...

    ->as soon as I finished creating all the r est of the articles, I let this project sit for 4 weeks and then come back to it...

    ->for starters here: if you start a NEW projects, really do your homework. get kwfinder, get ahrefs, sniff around..

    if you find some EMDs in there, or some old authority domains that got the keyword in title, IT IS NOT EASY.

    -> will need to get that site to authority status, otherwise all the time will be wasted.
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    Wish you a great day guys!
    how do u rank ur video? it seems very easy 4 u.