fuck- proxy isnt shwoing consistently on google and logged into my new gmail... :(

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    I bought a private proxy yesterday and manually set it up via firefox advanced settings.

    Yesterday i checked my ip and auto saved the password settings.

    Today I logged in presuming it would auto remeber and logge dinto gmail today to check and see my adsense has been accepted.

    I just went out to G to check my IP and the SOB shows my local IP rather than the proxy one :(.

    I type in 'what is my ip' and G shows the local IP address but then I got into the site what is my ip and it shows the proxy address.

    So what could be going on here? Maybe its already too late (altho i hear of ppl logging on with same ips for years without issue) but how do I prevent this discrepancy- what is the correct reading of my ip?

    Hmm when I checked on any of the ip check sites it shows the private one but its just on g results it says 'your public ip is 'local ip''.
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