Fuck Paypal/eBay

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Story I read online:

Honest eBay Seller sells used laptop to Buyer. Sellers ToS gives Buyer 10 days to request refund due to defect. Buyer waits 15 days, contacts Seller and says laptop doesn't work. Seller says that it's too late, and sale is final due to being 15 days past the date it was recieved. Buyer lies about date laptop was recieved and Deller documents the lie. (He has proof from UPS on when the laptop actually was delivered.)

Buyer files dispute with PayPal. PayPal requires Seller to take back the laptop and refunds the money to the Buyer, despite the ToS and the documentation of the lie regarding when the item was delivered. Seller has money taken from his PayPall account and refunded back to buyer.

When laptop is delivered back to Seller, Seller discovers the laptop has been exchanged for a different one. Returned laptop is same model, etc... but has obvious signs of abuse. It is obvious that the Buyer has exchanged his broken laptop for a working one from eBay. That the laptop's are exactly the same proves that Buyer intended to scam the Seller from the very beginning.

End Result: Seller has laptop stolen from him, and PayPal enforces the theft.

The Lesson: Never leave more than $10.00 in your PayPal account. Any time a signficant amount of money is deposited into your PayPal account, transfer that money out immediately and into your Bank Account.

Had the Seller done this, PayPal would not have had the "easy out" of making the Seller responsible. In order to "refund" the Buyer, PayPal would have paid THEIR money to do so. With that as the only route, PayPal would have put more effort into the facts of the situation, and correctly understood the scam for what it was. The money in the Seller's account is what gave PayPal the ability to resolve the situation with the least amount of effort and time.

Had this happen to me once with an iPhone. There was nothing I could do about it besides fly to the guys town and drive to his house but I decided that probably wasn't the best idea.
Oh man... Paypal all of a sudden froze the money that I just received in my account. $200+ said it was unauthorized payment when I've been transacting to the same person for more than a year.. I always made sure to withdraw all my money as soon as I receive it but this time as soon as it was credited, its already frozen.

Man, this just sucks big time, I heard a lot about the horror stories about Paypal but my client only pays via Paypal, so what can I do, right?! I already respond to their email but until now I haven't heard anything from them yet...

3 rules for dealing with ebay/paypal.

1. never leave money in there that you are not willing to loose.
2. ship your product only after you transfer it to your bank, then when it hits your bank transfer it to your non attached bank account.
3. if your paypal ever goes limited, close the bank account that is attached to it the same day! Why? because if you sell on eBay a limited account tends to have a ripple effect with buyers, if they see your ebay account is now suspended these morons will start freaking out and wanting there money back, but paypal has stopped your cashflow and are the reason for your buyers freaking out, so by you closing your bank account you leave paypal holding there own nuts in there hand if the stupid customer decides to do a chargeback. Paypal cant dig into your bank account because you closed it, and they wont try and charge the CC on file because you can dispute it or its a VCC thats empty now lol.

Since paypal does not play fair, neither do i. Who loses? it most certainly wont be me, i have learned my lesson the first time.
They are thieves! For the past 5 years, they've been stealing from me on every sales
I used to feel ok leaving 500$ in my paypal several months ago... with all the random bans and limits I now don't leave anything more than $50 in my paypal.
eBay is shit too.. In the past 1 week, I just couldn't get hold of their LiveHelp Chat.. wanted to change my shipping address & those a*** could nothing about it :(
paypal has strict security... if your doing anything remotely shady or against their TOS you'll have problems. If your following the rules completely...you will still have to deal with at least one limitation... I run a legitimate business and I had my account froze until I provided them with all my business information.

I had it unfrozen within 16 hours --> because I'm not doing anything shady or against their rules, and I dealt with them in a professional manner.

Paypal isn't for blackhatters.
Yes, They both are now a days getting worser . They don't need to have a reason to close. Last week I had about 1500$ on my Account and immediately they closed it . I called them and asked about the reason , they didn't say a reason and terminated the call . I lost my $'s .

" Once Gaypal was a good provider, but now they suck "
Oh, that's bad. I have a paypal account too that I haven't used for almost a year but it has money in there. I think, I also have to check it now.
Oh, that's bad. I have a paypal account too that I haven't used for almost a year but it has money in there. I think, I also have to check it now.
Ohh, tnx for all of these posts. My paypal account (5 years) was not closed but they put a limitation to my account for no apparent reason at all. I submitted a ticket but their reply was only a link pointing to their policies, tos, etc. But I know a couple of friends whose accounts got closed. Like the starter of this thread, they too had funds when their accounts were closed.
Someone should have posted in all forums and blogs the malpractices of paypal or ebay so that everyone will be aware of them.
Crap is the word for paypal - i shipped to customer goods and because paypals system flagged up, incorrectly, transaction as scam the money owed to me was put on hold. Customer gets goods, i payed my dropship merchant and i am out of pocket. I contactred my customer who is only the head of a college in the UK. Explained and she said they had taken her payment and was not going to refund it. However the outcome was positive, customer got her money back and sent me the transation amount, but by PAYPAL !!! Some never learn.
erm hello this is bwh shit list speaking
i think u will find the shit list is for reporting
individual scamers not ebay. ebay doesnt sell
on bhw - thread is kinda pointless
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