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Mar 1, 2008
All i see here on BHW is a BIG marketing gimmick by associated content to mislead gullible people to "submit" content to Associated content. As you know not many people here are from United states of america, and they have this weird rule they ONLY pay people from US upfront. Idk what makes them apply this rule. A person who is good enough to know associated content on his own is able to write articles at par with the people of U.S. I think that huge thread to make multiple accounts in AC and submitting content to them has been created by "associated content" themselves. Its a subliminal way of getting noob people to get them content. I do know some people did get paid from them, but majority DONT. So dont f*cking work for this people for FREE. I hope people will get benefited from my advice.
You still get performance payments and if you are in the US you get upfront payments. Just find someone on this forum to partner with for submitting content or get a private us proxy. Then, you can get upfront payments too.
You can fake your citizenship.. The multiple account method used to work until they implemented w2 forms.. Feel free to complain though :)

However yes it is a scumbag system and most quality articles only go for 3-5$.
Yeah I agree with that... that's why I don't write unique articles for them...

AC pays shit... so the only method that you can win with them is... BLACKHATTING Them!

I got $4.25 x 3 (for 3 articles) for just some copy/paste :D
There are plenty of methods on here, as to how to use your unique content for much more profit long term. Use the search function. Writing articles for AC is not even Blackhat!
It costs nothing to submit content except for a bit of time. For the most part this is one of the few little effort methods to make money for free. Other methods cost for websites, membership fees, etc. The exclusive content I submit are things that I know I won't be using in the future. I plan on in the future writing some sort of e-book so my thought before making it exclusive was "am I going to need this for my future writings?"

As the saying goes, "It takes money to make money".

Although, I agree that only being a U.S. citizen to contribute is lame.
I know what you're saying. I'm quite disappointed too because the highest pay I got from them is $ 3.42. That's low considering I got my articles from reputable magazines.
I am getting really disgusted by whiny people who complain that the system is so unfair. AC is a business. They don't exist just to make you rich. They have a business model that is based on advertising revenue. Like all businesses, they buy their product as inexpensively as possible in order to generate as much revenue as possible. You think they pay people money just cause they're generous? Get real.

And ... they have every right to determine who can write for them. The are a business in the U.S. They have tax laws and accounting practices that they have to abide by. They have every right to limit who they "hire" or where they get their product from. For all of you who live outside the U.S., if you don't like it, set up your own version and allow anyone to contribute.

I've been writing for AC for about two years now. I'm not hugely prolific but I have written about 80 articles. I've reached a clout level 8. I average about $8.00 an article. In addition, each month I'm paid about $10.00 based on performance. (And I don't really promote the articles on AC by themselves. When I do heavily promote an article, my performance amounts increase dramatically.) I've been paid as low as $3.00 but most of my articles are in the $7 - $11 range.

All of my articles are unique and well-written. I write what I want to write and only seldom do I worry about creating keyword-rich content. In this respect, AC is unique. Most other publishers tell you what to write. You don't have the luxury of writing about what interests you.

So, am I making a living off AC? No. I've only mase a couple hundred dollars a year. BUT ... that's money that I wouldn't normally have made if I didn't submit them at all. Is it my main source of revenue? No. In fact, as a percentage of my total revenue, it's very small.

Here's my take on AC.

I don't write articles simply to submit them to AC. I use my articles in a lot of different places. I submit to article directories. I use articles as components of larger ebooks and publications. I do a lot of writing for a lot of different reasons. If anything I've written can be chunked down and will make sense as an article of 300 - 700 words, then I will submit it to AC. Once it's accepted for payment, then I roll it out to other places where it will benefit me in other ways.

If you're looking for AC to make you rich, forget it. But for me it generates extra income without much additional work. I write these articles anyway. I am glad there's a place that will pay me a little for them. Since I can usually write an article in about 15 - 30 minutes, getting $10 for an article puts my hourly rate at about $20 - $40. Not bad, especially since I'll gain other benefits from the same article by using it in different places.

I own all my own work and I don't submit exclusive, so I can't see how submitting to AC is a bad decision at all. I am certainly not gullible and I'm pretty good about not letting people take advantage of me. Last time I checked, I could still decline any offer they make.

So, stop bitching about how unfair life is. If it makes sense to use AC, then use it. If you can't use it, stop whining and look for some other way to make money.

Oh yeah, I have a problem with this mentality, too ....

I know what you're saying. I'm quite disappointed too because the highest pay I got from them is $ 3.42. That's low considering I got my articles from reputable magazines.

Maybe the reason why you are not getting paid decent money is because you are stealing the work of other people and trying to pass it off as your own. Instead of trying to cheat the system, try putting your energy and time toward writing original articles. Create keyword-rich content that will work well with AdSense. Then promote the hell out of your articles to get performance payments. There's a way to make it work, but if you're stealing your articles from someone else - even a "reputable" magazine, then you are getting what you deserve ... nothing.

In fact, I would prefer that you stay away from AC all together. Maybe if you stop submitting your crap, there would be more money for those of us who are writing original content.
I love AC. I have hired people to write my articles and I make 4 times as much money as I put in. Articles do not get accepted if they are copywritten. You can still get in trouble if they are accepted and they found out later they are fake. Do a complete rewrite and they will love you! If you look at an article and then not look at it again and then you can write your own, it usually is considered not being copywritten.

As davidson stated above, you can promote and make money too. I have one article that gets read 800 times a day. I think I should blackhat traffic to the site now too. That could be 10.40 a day with just that article. I some how found a keyword that no one else uses or something :). I think I will have to blog that with an automater now.

The way associated content gets paid, is through CPM and PPC. They are making money even if you drive blackhat to their site. I bet they make at least $5 per CPM. Any guesses?

Overall, AC gives me extra money to try BH stuff, that is now making me more money. The only work I do is give others ideas to write. 10 minutes tops :). I shouldn't mention I am getting it for 50cents an article :)
I get paid from them, they work just fine. I am in the US and I do not work for AC. I suggest them as a means to make money quickly. I do it legally though, I plan on paying my taxes.
Associated Content was good until Yahoo took over. I used to be able to get 15-30 bucks for each of my articles now I am lucky to get 5 so your right I said fuck it. There is no reason for YAHOO to pay such a low price for excellent content that writers can provide. Especially when they take close to a month to pass a article for upfront payment.
Why write content for someone else's site when you can sell your
services as a freelancer on other legit sites or publish the content
on your own site?
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