Fruits of my Labour!

Congrats To You And Your BF.................:)
let me know if there's a vacancy on the bf position :D

jk, but i'm jelly

i also treated myself with a smaller something this week, a retro Motorola STARTAC 130, which was actually a phone (and still is), not like these modern era touchscreen god's curses :)
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How's that song..? ah

..(Ooooh) I love you, you pay my rent Look at my hopes, look at my dreams The currency we've spent (Ooooh) I love you.....
I noticed the Christmas light at the back. Still on holiday? :) Nice..

I have Christmas lights up permanently! I adore fairy lights, makes a room so cosy. My bedroom must always have warm fairy lights, candles lit and a red lamp. Kind of like a shag pad. haha

And thank you everyone!
I have the same Tower and it's awesome. You've got him an awesome gaming rig!
I have the same Tower and it's awesome. You've got him an awesome gaming rig!

Its great, and the system he has in place is so quiet. Next on the list is a new gaming mouse and bigger monitor. That can come out of his wage though. lmao
A dream girl friend :)

Congratz. Perhaps in 3 more years you both are going to really invest in your future.
I opened my girlfriend's laptop, set her browser to this page, and placed it in front of her so it would be the first thing she saw when she woke up... :D

She didn't even notice it.... FML

The crazy thing is that females expect their men to notice every subtlety they put out in the world...
SWEET GF, Mine needs to take note of this thread, my macbook pro is getting old!!!!!
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