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  1. Jurdan

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    Mar 1, 2010
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    I am a professional web designer/developer and I am currently juggling school and work. I have several web design projects on my shoulder and that has been put on hold due to overload of school projects. However, I am in need of a quick $$ to payoff my bills hopefully before Tuesday. I am willing to offer this service temporarily in a very low price.


    Web Development: Convert
    .PSD to XHTML - $60-$85, +$10 each sub pages

    Web Design/Development: Simple layout
    Need a really simple designed and coded layout with any numbers of sub pages? Get it for $85

    Web Design: Simple layout in .PSD
    Need a really simple designed layout in .PSD? Get it for $50

    Web Design: Quick layout flip
    Have a nasty layout that needs some tweaking? I can improve ANY layouts in .PSD for $55

    Web Development: CSS

    Need any CSS assistance or any CSS layout? Get it for $50-$75.


    I will determine the price depending on how much work will be required to code your .PSD. I will show several of work below so be sure to check the source code to see my work.

    Some of my work: Will show more via PM. Do your thing.

    Code: [I]100% XHTML/CSS[/I]
    I accept only Paypal and require 50% of upfront payment before I proceed.

    Turnaround time: Within 24 hours

    I expect professional business.

    AIM/Skype: Jurnky
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    Approved - I'M sure some of you could use a front-end developer from time to time :)
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