From Zero to $100.000 in 6 months with low budget

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    Hi i joined this board just to create a journey thread.I'm not a noob but working over 15 years in IM fulltime and got a bit lazy in the past 2-3 years so i decided to create this journey thread for self motivation and to show some people that with the right plan and setup you can make a nice amount of money with a small investment.I also will touch myself new parts of IM i never have done before so hopefully i will also get some hints how to improve my setup since IM changes very quickly and i'm not Mr Perfect.
    So i wont just do a single method to reach my goal but i always do 3-5 methods at the same time.

    What i'm going to start now is

    1.Facebook Group
    2.Custome Website for incentive offers
    3.Launch of a Clickbank Product
    4.Adwords using a unique technique
    5.Crowdfunding Campaign (for my wife to help poor childrens which will be tuff as i never did something like that before and which will be outside of the $100k target)

    During that time i will also prepare 3 BIG projects which i want to launch between Q1 and Q2 .
    Therefor i want to create already a great social media presents so the launch will have a great impact.

    Target for social media

    Fanpage with 5-10 million real fans
    Youtube with 100k real subscribers
    Twitter (never worked with twitter so i will have to figure out a number which is realistic)

    I'm also going to update the social media journey so everyone can see the progress i will have.

    And of course everything is low budget to make it a real challenge