From XBL Nerd to Skilled Entreprenuer. The Journey to Freedom, The Path to Reclamation

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    Hehe I may be using IM wrong. I think it means Interactive Media? I'm not sure...

    My Journey Before:

    So this is a little bit of history about me. I'm 21, just graduated CC. No job, beautiful girlfriend, no car, small music business that's borderline dead... I've lived much of my life either starting a new business and then stopping all of a sudden, right when I started to taste success. It started at the age 14. Had a small lawn-mowing business that made me good money that I stopped doing. Age 15: Started selling snacks in school, even had girls sit on my lap and other stuff just to get freebies (in which I took money over women lol, I'm selfish) Still stopped the business. Ages: 16-21 Started selling beats and graphics designs. Eventually I started to dislike gfx and couldn't bear to do it and took onto music completely. Before I stopped I got asked by a mentor of mines to design a shirt for a nearby high school's senior class... Still I let it go once the project was complete. Age 21: Started my own instagram business with the help of a friend that I met on xbox live which would eventually lead me to here. I got a small buzz for a while on instagram. Making remixes, selling beats, even got a DM from Shanell from young money asking me to send her a couple of tracks. Never even sent em. In fact there were quite a few local artists that were blowing up who messaged me on Instagram.. Still I let it die... It got even worse because I stopped making remixes and almost completely stopped making beats.. Stopped working with the person that helped me invest into it and everything.

    My Journey Now:

    Now Here I am. A young man capable of extraordinary things, and yet I still don't try hard enough. I've only had one real job and I left it a few months ago after I fully accepted the fact that I never want to work for anybody again. I started getting really depressed because on top of all this I stopped going to church, started having troubles with the woman that I'm currently with, even started failing school drastically.. That is until I somehow miraculously did over 200 pages of homework for my database class and ended up passing with a high B. Got back into church. Even got back on the right track with my woman... Now I am ready to make money, and this Journey, this thread, will be part of the proof that, not only have I started, but I finished as well...

    This is what I'm starting with:

    $30 bucks. Yup I said it. I pawned my Xbox One to start this but family needed the money and I had to get one more book for a summer class that'll hand me my degree.
    As the famous words of Eric Thomas goes... "Start with what you have, because what you have is plenty" and true enough for the method I'm using it will be..
    I'm also going to later employ my old Instagram account into the method as well. I'd rather not divulge every single detail of my plan but it has been made clearer and clearer day by day what I must do to Succeed. It will be a three part journey...

    So what is my Goal?:

    My goal is the same as every entrepreneur: Financial Freedom. I wish to make from 1-2 Stacks through IM alone and use that money to invest into other methods to increase my income. In long term I want at least 4 streams of income. In short term my goals is say; $500 a month, preferably after the first month. I'm confident I'll pass easily if I do this right but I want to be safe and I need a measurable.

    What Method Will I be Using:

    The BTB Method. I will not be giving away my niches as I am not completely even sure which 1 's will I go for. I am however open for people to chat with about this...

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and wish me goodluck,