[From my own experience] Story of how to pass Facebook friend verification

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    Hi guys!

    This morning I managed to pass the Facebook test for one of my "best beautiful girl in the place" account :D. There are many posts about that here on BHW (I have learnt from them myself) but I wanted to share the steps I followed to get back in the Facebook club. I would have been very sad to lose it since I have spent many hours to gather friends and followers. Let's begin the story.

    Almost one month ago I read the post written by lakimO (url : .../601399-make-facebook-easy-1000-month)
    I decided to make the move with two accounts. I set up both of them with beautiful women I found, each of them having at least 30 pictures. I wanted to have a little stock in order to make hormones dance from time to time :p


    I began with the first one on my own computer, using a High +KA public proxy found on hidemyass. It is the only account I am using on Firefox (I installed Windows one week before so it was perfectly clean, no cached info). But the first mistake appears pretty quickly: I invited lots of people and BOOM, after only one day of "work", Facebook kindly invited me to recognize some "friends" that have accepted my friendship. I could not pass the test (time exceeded) and for 2 weeks I did not touch the account, thinking that it was lost for ever.
    Meanwhile, I did normal things with the other one (liked some fashion pages, added pictures of her holidays, hihi!), nothing stupid, but not one friend added. I am using it with my own IP, no proxy nor other tricks.

    After two weeks, I connected back to the first account and surprise!, Facebook asked for her phone number (probably because she is beautiful like hell). Yes, I did not add any phone number for both accounts. So I asked my mother-in-law if I could use her number and ALLELUIA, the account was unblocked, without any unknown people to recognize.

    After that, I linked both accounts in order to apply lakimO advice (a friend of yours can find your friends in the search bar) in case of future strikes, when Facebook becomes jealous of how many friends this bomb can have ;)


    After that bad experience, I only used "Add me" groups, added less than 100 people per day, no interaction/chat with them (some are really crazy pigs, I understand women now). Two days ago, the account had 1200 friends and 1000 followers. I also apply a selection of the people. At the beginning, I was accepting everybody, but after the first 200 friends, I accepted only real accounts (well, I hope ;)) from West European countries, USA, Canada and Australia. Since I want to monetize this account, I thought that there were more chances to earn money from people living in high standard countries (well, not in all the angles ;) but let's say from economical points of view). So far so good.

    But then I made the mistake. I was at my workplace (I know, that is not good) and suddenly decided to begin to check the appealing facet (this one is even more lovely, she has bigger breast) of my second account. Same gentle technique. At one moment, I wanted to check something and opened another browser. Mechanically, I connected with my first account but I realized that too late. Do not forget that I am using a proxy from another country for that account. I quickly closed the connection, hoping that Facebook did not realize that its girlfriend was cheating on it.

    When I arrived home in the evening, I rapidly connected to the first account to see what happened. And BOOM, message saying that the account might be a fake one and inviting to recognize pictures of 1 person from 6. Just before that I opened a second browser with the second friend account in order to apply the "search bar technique". Of course, I was too slow and I had to wait for one hour (yes, I read here on BHW that you can try the test again after one hour). The second time, failure. At that moment, my brain engaged the turbocharger. I noticed that the pictures were pretty much repeating. So I opened Photoshop and the third time, I used the Print Screen button and copied all pictures in Photoshop. It seems that I was not far from succeeding since I had to repeat the test three times in a row (no problem, I managed to save more pictures). Then, during one hour, I made my research with the second account.

    From 11 pictures, I found 8 corresponding people. I put the name/ picture in a Word file.

    For the three other pictures, I did a white/black list with the 6 people (for example, on one picture I found Arabic words, so the person with the most Arabic name was on the first place; another one was showing a women; from 6 accounts, I found out that 4 people had another girlfriend, the other two have blocked their pictures so I knew that I will have to choose between both of them, more chances to win -> I noted down those names and pictures and if one of those two names had to appear in the next test, then it would be the correct one).

    FIGHT! One hour have passed and I began the test. 3 of them of one of the 8 I did the match, one was a picture with the black/white list I have made and the fifth one, I found it with the search bar technique. TADDAAAAA! The first beauty is now back and I saw that the guys were eager to have news from her. I already have 100 more friends :cool:

    If you have some ideas for monetization, I would gladly hear your advice. I still do not know what approach to choose. I have created a fan page with "almost nude women" topic but I have only 7 likes for the moment :D, since I wanted to create a page where I will put some CPC/CPA stuff (it will be my first time). This was planned for the second account where I accept people from everywhere (I still make a check to see if they are not like me :D :D). For the first account, I have higher expectations, like creating a website with Amazon/Ebay products. I also make her part of "Craiglist-like" groups, we never know.

    So, again, let me know, those that are more advanced Facebook "beauties", what to do. Girlies help each other, don't they :p?


    That's it guys! Nothing explosive for the gurus, but that may help some of you that are blocked.

    Have a nice weekend!