From A To Z: How To Create The Perfect Niche Site

Sounds right. But almost 90% of the people here are interested in reading. Few may try to compete with OP though
Guilty until recently, and that is something I wish I could broadcast "STOP READING!" go run the last or next idea you believe could work. DO NOT abort - finish something for once, it will inspire you to continue and YOU WILL achieve success IF YOU TRY. I am DOING now instead of just dreaming. I shifted from talking about the things that I am GOING TO do, to things I have DONE.

I started taking my job seriously(long story short I own a very small piece of the company I work for).
Last week I did 15 pages of AI generated content for my website.
I started posting on BHW and chose to believe I DO have something to offer no matter how small
I reached out to potential customers by going through yelpp and sending messages (~50)
I re-proposed an app idea to my boss that connects to my own app idea

Only reason I post this list is for the dreamers to understand that you can and should be successful. Geasy wrote this awesome, inspiring post that clearly took some time. Show some respect for him and yourself by following through. I want everyone to succeed, "I would rather feast with my friends than sit on top of the world all by myself" - Rit Man
Thanks for this very nicely detailed guide @Geasy can you share all the websites you used for your initial research? For example would like to know where did you get those screenshots and why median CPC matters for us? Thanks.
A little more on performing the search or finding whether or not the niche is worth it is the secret sauce I think. Semrush and exploding topics help me out but I’m always looking for new resources.
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