From $1k/mo to $2.5k -- help?

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    BHW'ers --

    I'm eager to start using the information here with leverage, but am having troubles getting everything worked out.

    Here's the deal: I'm planning a trip around Europe and the US, supporting myself with internet businesses. Currently, I bring in $1000/month from a company that I work for. It's essentially 3-5 hours a week worth of work.

    I am eager to bring this up to $2500/month in the next 35 days - before I leave on my trip - but am being pulled into too many directions.

    My background is PPC and a little SEO. I am savvy in Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and have ~$2,000 to spend on building whatever business I need.

    I'd like to do product creation, then put it out on ClickBank or another network, but my ideas never get to print. I could also do CPA/affiliate marketing. My problem there is not being able to find affordable traffic.

    I have a salesletter that is very sharp, but the creation of the product fell through. It is still salvageable, if I can find and/or create an alternative product.

    Do you have any input on what direction I should be going in? I'll have access to a computer, a bank account and mailing address in the US, a GoogleVoice number to keep me in touch, and a lot of free time. If you can provide any guidance, I'd really appreciate it!

    Thank you so much for your help!

    -- fusarium