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    Hello people

    Wanted to share an interesting incident today. My air conditioner broke down a couple of days ago and I called the dealership that sold it to me. They sent somebody over and the person inspected it and said that there was a gas leak.

    He said he will have to take it to the service station and I agreed. He then charged me a ridiculous inspection fee, just for looking at it. I was willing to pay an inspection fee but not something that was half the repair fee that I would pay.

    I argued to no avail. I got fed up and didn't want to waste and time and sent the guy away, after paying him of course. I was not happy about it and wanted to do something about it. I tried to look up complaint e-mails and things like that and it occurred to me that I should do a WhoIs search. Luckily, the owner of the dealership had a public Whois registration, with his personal email listed.

    I sent a long scathing email about how they are ripping off customers. Half an hour later, I get an apologetic call from the senior service manager. They offered me a discount, a refund on the inspection fee and serviced my air conditioner immediately.

    It was nice to get VIP treatment for a change here as my country still has a seller's market.

    I guess I owe it to simple IM knowledge that taught me how to look up who is information. If I was just a regular Joe, I would have probably been given the usual run around.

    Anytime some business ticks you off, use the WhoIs to get in touch with the top management and you will get responses.

    If you have used IM knowledge creatively, tell about it in this thread here. It will be interesting to look at some responses. Back to work.

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