Friends, motivation, and a Journey- $100/day in 30 days

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    Hey all, thanks for checking out my thread!

    About Me: I'm a guy in my early 20's trying to figure things out! You can call me Ryan. Not my real name of course ;)

    Experience: Ive been reading this forum for almost 3 months now, but still relatively new to the IM scene. I have experience with affiliate marketing, youtube, amazon, ebooks, and more.

    Why: I've never been able to commit to a project long enough to see it through. Hopefully this thread, and you guys give me the determination to follow through. I'm expecting some ass whopping if I drop the ball! Seriously!!!!!!! I also have some other motivation...
    I think I may be getting laid off by the end of Sept. So my goal is to transition to full time IM. Unlikely, yes. But thats the goal nonetheless

    What: Without giving too much away... I plan on creating a highly targeted, content rich affiliate site. The goal will be to get conversions high enough to justify sending paid traffic to the site. I will start with paid traffic, then start SEO and let that work all while I'm still driving paid traffic. Eventually the goal will be to rely mostly on the site ranking high in Google, rather than relying on paid traffic.
    Since my situation is a bit dire... I will also be marketing affiliate products through YouTube/ sending viewers to my affiliate site!

    This project has been in the works in my mind for quite some time. I've really thought it through, and think that this is the one!

    When: Journey starts tomorrow, August 29th and goes through September 30th.

    Tomorrow I will work on getting the site set up. This journey is from SCRATCH!! I will get a domain, set up my hosting, install wordpress/theme/plugins.

    Let me know if you have any questions! I'll update tomorrow :)

    Feel free to message/add me on Skype: ryanwilcox43 I'm looking for support here!!! Thanks!
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    Do you really need wordpress or you can switch fully over to html and css? It depends on if the site needs a user to register or not, and even then you can cut down and make your own secure login stuff. Also, target buyer keywords like buy dodge ram 1500 and stuff like that from Adwords. Also be sure to check out your competition from the ground up and see where their most profitable keywords are. Finally you might want to dwell on psychology in order to play on the emotions your customers use to cause buying triggers. A few well worked out days on this and you should be ready to test for conversions. Good luck.