Friends, I tried to buy a domain and it turns out it's not available because it's in deletion phase. Do you know what it means? Is there any way to kn

There is a domain grace period for up to 45 days.

Actually on Google’s website it says up to 61 days.

Once the domain completes deletion phase and frees up,you will be able to buy. Though you need to keep your eyes wide open,there may be backorders lined up to book it ,if its valuable.I would say if you really need it,place a backorder with a reputed registrar and don't wait for it till last day.All the best ..Cheers :)
it also depends on where the domain lives as well if say with Godaddy i have seen them go through the 60 days and then get added to there domain auction for 30 days and if no one buys after that get released.
The deletion phase varies up to 60 days and we can't know the exact date and time of deletion. So, usually the drop catch websites register them as soon as they are free. You can participate in the auction of these domains in any such website so that they get it for you for a fee.
You can do nothing in this case and just wait. If you are not going to use any tools keep eye on that domain name and try to not show any interest on public.
Dont worry, use a domain catcher service like
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