Friend is looking to pay $100 - $200 for a sight redesign ideas. Look here!


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Mar 24, 2008
My good buddy Matt is working reconstructing his site, and he wants your ideas! He's legit, trust me. Heres his post from DP, and his email address is: [email protected]

Hey, I need a single index page designed, not coded, (preferably .psd file in photoshop) for my online men's magazine. This HAS to be professional as I am competing with and among others. Go to their sites for inspiration. I cannot stress enough how professional, clean, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing this needs to be. If need be, I will up the compensation.

Ok, now what needs to be incorporated in the page design. Go to wwwDOTbadsphinxDOTcom for referencing.
-Header will stay the same
- "Quick Links" frame on the left needs to be somehow included in the page
- "BSX Girls" frame on the right needs to be in generally same location
- Area for amazon search widget
- Footer and Adsense leaderboard at bottom will remain
- Every category in the nav bar (excluding premium) needs to have some type of section on the index page to allow users to easily look up the newest update for that category

That should be it. Again, I am competing with some extremely well designed sites and don't hesitate to go to them for inspiration. I will check back as often as possible to answer questions and to help as much as possible. Thanks and good luck!

Update: This is what it SHOULD NOT look like:

This just tells me this designer was too lazy to come up with a professional design.
If it were me, I'd drop the $80 for something like this


and have a site design that makes the other three examples look like a 3 day old pizza. Not to mention, none of the headaches of hand coding a site from scratch.

Just my take on it.
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