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    Jan 17, 2012
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    I'm adding friends to twitter accounts in niche markets. What I've been trying to do (which I suspect is the long way round), is to unfollow those who don't follow me back, store those usernames in a database (csv?), find new potential friends, compare them with the database, and follow those who aren't on the unfollowed csv list. and repeat.

    From reading the forums, it seems like there would be a tool out there that takes care of this, something like TweetAdder or TweetAttacks.

    Could you recommend a tool to use? I work from multiple computers, so something that either stores that information online, or that I could export and import my database from/to would be preferable.

    Also, what is the best tool to use just for following a list of users?

    Thanks for your help, I couldn't find the answer by searching....