Mar 19, 2018
Hello everybody!

Something about me:
Long time lurker, I started doing IM a few years ago as a hobby. I was making simple YT videos, reviewing Clickbank products. Back then I was making about $ 500 per month for almost no work (good times). Never took IM seriously, looking back I was in great place to start earning some serious money.

My goal:
My goal is to start earning $1000 per month with an authority site. I started this journey to keep me motivated and disciplined because am a lazy sob. Actually my site is a few months old, but I was never consistent.

Mostly focused on Pinterest and Youtube. I created a YT channel 3 months ago, which has on average 1000 views per day. Am still tweaking some stuff how to redirect viewers to my site. The niche is pretty popular in Pinterest and I like pictures... Also I'll add up to 3 low-competition articles per week to gain some organic traffic.

Adsense, Amazon book reviews, Clickbank product reviews, CPA.
My goal is to capture their email, I offer a free ebook in exchange.

Things to do:
-figure out my customers (how they think, their problems, can I solve/help them)
-create email campaign
-promote appropriate products
-staying consistent

Tommorow I'll create a plan for the next 10 days.

Chose a few long tail keywords, my goal this week is to write atleast 3 articles.

Set a Mailchimp autoresponder ( most of my free time went to testing, how mailchimp works, added a free ebook - with some aff offers)

-Following a bunch of people, trying to get to around 50 followers.
-Created a few boards within my niche, added 200 repins.
-Sended about 20 request for Pinterest group boards, to my suprise got 2 invites within 1 hour (lucky).
-Made 1 custom pins for each board with good description, currently using Canva

-No video today, spent about 1 hour responding to comments, adding/changing description to some videos.

Youtube stats for the past month
yt stats 1.png

This week i'll check some twitter and instagram bots.

Am not happy with today, could do more, but setting up the autoresponder really ate a lot of time.
Very nice man, good luck and also have a look on PixTeller for creating the images :)

Good luck , Pix teller is a good place for images

Tnx guys, will check out PixTeller, currently using Canva and Gimp if I've time.

Good luck. Did you reach your goal of 3 articles this week?

Tnx. Did manage 2 articles, halfway writing the 3. I realized it was bad and started again.

Writing was always such a pain for me. I started writing first thing in the morning, for 30min to 1h), just to get it out of the way.

Pinterest started to show some promise, there were some spikes in traffic, got a few email subscribers.
My daily routine on Pinterest is about 10-20 own pins and 100 repins.
This week I'll set up Tailwind and BoardBooster account, to boost my growth.

pin stats 1.png
Really nice. I have tried Pinterest but in my case, I can not get even 1 person to my website. Any recommendation? :D
Really nice. I have tried Pinterest but in my case, I can not get even 1 person to my website. Any recommendation? :D

You'll have to give them reason to click, think of titles like "best ways to..", "top 10 ...", "how to..."
I use 2 types of pins, the ones above and "pretty" pins, to get repins and following (quotes)

Pinterest traffic isn't really converting, but the potential is big.
Below you can see my analytics, you would expect big traffic on website, but my average is around 50 visitors per day.
pin stats 2.png

Once I start using Tailwind and BoardBoost, I expect to see bigger numbers :)
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