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    Oct 9, 2015
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    Hey guys I'm completely new to the black hat/white hat world. I've been lurking around alot so I figure It would make more sense to make a account here.

    I have no technical knowledge with computer but I have been teaching myself html and css. I know I need to learn it if I wanna make big money. How realistic is to make to make $100 a day with no experience in Internet marketing? I have chosen the adult dating niche, I have a affiliate company that pays $30-$110 per CPA. I haven't started promoting the product since II only have 5 blogs on my website with no traffic. The goal was to provide enough useful content (dating advice,sex tip,How to please a woman) so when I do introduce the product (dating/casual hook up site) they may have a purpose to sight up.

    I'm honestly not sure if I should go the black hat route or the white hat route. I've done ewhoring in the past but its to tedious and has little to no payoff. I figured if I'm gonna sell myself, I might as well sell a product. Since I am a female who has been dating and spoke with other women on what they like and don't like, I think my site has the potentiality to sell well. A $100 is a very low goal yes, that's why I am trying it to see if I am capable to make that much before going to my real goal. (3-5k a week/month). Is Just looking for advice and critique on what I'm doing.