Fresh Leads from your W4M ads = $60 per 1k UNIQUE or more $$

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by PerfectChoice4u, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I tried to do some JV with people that seemed to feed me a lot of promised and lies.
    I have found 1 good person so far, so willing to give it another try :)

    I am looking for more volume and so this is a pretty simple offer
    I will pay you $60 per unique lead incoming to me, fresh live leads from active ads
    Or.... $25 per sale generated from the leads you bring whichever is greater, in YOUR favor.

    Basically, a draw against commission, where you are GUARANTEED at least $60 per 1k unique email leads

    This means, you send 1k leads that end up making 3 sales, you get $75
    IT also means, that is you send 1k leads that only make 2 sales, you still get AT LEAST the $60

    I will handle everything on the back end. I will pay via PayPal only after incitements of 1k have been sent.
    If you want to cash out after 1k or 2k thats fine, but it will reset us on what you have sent, and the $25 will not apply to previously sent emails to that point.

    I'm trying not to be confusing, you make it as mutually beneficial as possible for everyone, and give everyone room to grow.
    If you want to do a test, talk to me on Skype, send 1k, see that i pay u your $60, and then we can go further, or not.
    I want good long lasting partnerships, not out to screw anyone, and not going to prepay and allow myself to be screwed either.

    If you want to talk further, please don't pm, I don't check them often, send me something on Skype under Perfectchoice4u
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    Contacted you on skype.