Fresh Fiverr account - no impressions at all for 3 days. Anyone experienced that?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by cipango, Jan 16, 2015.

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    Hey guys, need opinions on this issue. The impressions and all other numbers in my fiverr account haven't changed for like 3 days now. I mean, no new impressions/clicks/views at all. I checked from another computer to see if it was a cache thing - still the same numbers.

    Anyone experienced the same or similar? The account was brand new a week ago, had some 100 impressions split between the two gigs in the first 3 days, then I started doing some exchanges with some members here, and for at least 3 days now, no more impressions from fiverr. Could the exchanges be a problem? I have not done direct exchanges, like I rate you and you rate me, but I used a second account to do the orders and rate other users who rated my first account.

    May it be also that the account was created with a USA IP address, but I'm manning it from foreign IP? That didn't seem to be a problem in the first few days, and also, I did this before.

    Please speak from experience.

    Edit: just had a chat with a member on skype and it looks like the problem is on my end: I was logging into both accounts from the same (home) IP, and I was at the same time doing exchanges with other people: they were rating my fresh account, and I was rating them from my old account. But looks like Fiverr doesn't like that, since it knew I was the same guy, because of the IP. So yeah, silly as it sounds, I wasn't paying attention to log in with different IPs. So it looks like my fresh account got "ghost banned".

    If there's something to be learned, it's this: you can manage different accounts from same IP while not engaging in exchanges, but it's a problem when you start doing exchanges. Looks however like the guys I was exchanging with weren't hit.
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    In my new fiverr account (create in june) i wait 3 month for first order.