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Freelance Poll: What do you want in a Service?

Discussion in 'SEO - Link building' started by tabims, Dec 15, 2008.


Which Service Would you MOST Like to See and or Use?

  1. Mass Blog Commenting Service.

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  2. Mass Video Watermarking Service.

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  3. Article spinning and submission Service.

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  4. Ewhore Ad Posting / Lead Gathering Service.

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  1. tabims

    tabims Junior Member

    Nov 9, 2008
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    SEO in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton Web and Social Media M
    Dayton, OH
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    I've been trying out some different ideas and offerings here in the freelance section.

    Here are some of the services I'm thinking about starting:

    1. Blog Comment Posting Service, both a manual and automatic option - with manual being more relative to each post, and automatic being non-relative - ie spamming. Manual costing around $.50 per comment, and automatic costing $.05(less likely to stick).

    2. Video Watermarking service - You can send me mass videos to watermark and a watermark file, or I can download videos related to your niche and watermark them. I would charge 55 cents per watermarked videos with a $10 minimum order.

    Bulk Prices would be as follows:

    10 for $10 -$1 per vid.
    20 for $18 (Save $2) .90
    50 for $42.50 (Save $7.50) .85
    100 for $80 (Save $20) .80
    200 for $140 (save $60) .70
    500 for $325 (save $175) .65
    1000 for $600 (Save $400) .60
    1000+ for $.55 per vid.

    Watermarks can go top:right, left, middle; bottom:right, left, middle, middle:middle, left, right.

    When I'm finished I will send you a link where you can download them.

    3. Article spinning / submission service - Your article, or one that I find related to a certain keyword spun and submitted to every article directory in Article Post Robot.

    I'd charge $15 per article

    Someone else is offering a service to write one article and post to a bunch of directories her thread is here:

    The difference being mine is spun, hers is not.

    4. Ewhoring Backpage / CL leads. I submit ads and send you leads from craigslist for Ewhoring. I charge $0.15-$0.20 per lead.

    With the amount of ads getting flagged this saves you the frustration of having to do post ads only to see them gone in 10 minutes.

    I've actually already started this service to see if anyone is interested, if you would like to use this service go here:

    Now for the poll: Which service would you rather see in this forum:

    1. Mass Blog Commenting Service.
    2. Mass Video Watermarking Service.
    3. Article spinning and submission Service.
    4. Ewhore Ad Posting / Lead Gathering Service.

    Also please comment on the prices good, bad, etc...