Freelance from India?

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    Apr 3, 2010
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    Hey all! Kind of new, so I hope this topic is in the right section. Been lurking for a bit and have learned a lot from you all. Was laid off recently so I figured I would try my hand at some adsense seo. Unfortunately my first attempt was a complete failure. :(
    So 4 weeks later, I'm back to try again, with a question.

    So yea, I hate writing articles, even on a subject I may like. I was wondering where you guys go to find freelance writers. More specifically, does anyone hire from India? I've read people hire college students from their and it can be pretty cheap. Which would be good for me because, I'm out of a job at the moment, lol. Any thoughts on this? Know a legit site that actually does this? Any help would be appreciated thanks!