Freebie Page vs. Killer Sales Page vs. Review Page

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by RossWebMedia, Apr 27, 2010.

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    Question to everyone currently in "beast-mode" with ClickBank and those who are starting up making a few sales, etc. :cool:

    In terms of me asking people a specific question about this, It seems I get the common answer of: "There's not any best one". So, I offer a sort of survey to all the people on BHW who are into ClickBank on what works best for them as far as your setup of your keyword domains or your domains that you use to promote your ClickBank product. This is your own opinion.

    *Note, This does not apply to people using Blogger/Blogspot/Freebie sites.

    Let's assume for a moment that we could not use all 3 but, in fact, could only choose one of these to use.

    YES! I know some of you suggest using a killer landing page with an email opt-in and that's awesome...But I kind of want to stick to just being able to choose one with this survey.

    • Freebie Landing Page - Your promotional techniques send traffic to your freebie landing page which represents itself as something "For Free" in return for your audience signing up to your email list, which then redirects to the offer's main page. No double opt-in, I assume?

    • Killer Pre-Sale Landing Page - Your promotional techniques send traffic to your killer pre sales page which represents itself as something of a "GREAT ATTRACTION" for your audience to choose the product you are offering to them. This means a killer headline, content, etc. With a "Buy Now" or some other similar button near the end of your content. The "Buy Now" then redirects to the sales page.

    • Review Landing Page - Your promotional techniques send traffic to your review page which represents your own unique reviews about 2-3 products within your ClickBank product's niche and then, of course, you promote your ClickBank product as your #1 choice on the page.
    So guys,

    What works best for you in terms of CTR, The most sales $$$, etc?

    My answer, is the Freebie Landing Page. Not only will it redirect your visitors to your offer page, But will give you a long term chance for success with their emails as well. I'd like to thank Peter for showing us this method on his thread. I never knew about it before BHW.
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    For about two years now, even when trying sales pages, I always make more sales using review sites...

    I think that people actually believe that you are being unbiased lol...