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    Just build a website to create youtube playback generator for startup BHW marketer who want build private course online but with small budged and worry about bandwidth and space. Basically, this website will generate direct url your youtube video.

    For website : https://vilog.me

    Main feature :
    • This website will encrypt your youtube url, so no one can get your real youtube video url.
    • My script will process your url and generate direct link your video url.
    • You can put on jwplayer, video js or other platform you want.
    • And for other feature, i will add from your feedback.
    How to use :
    • Put your youtube url on main form and follow the wizard.
    • After got your link, put on your own player script.
    F.A.Q :
    Q. Did you put any tracking code or ads on generated link ?
    No... i only put banner on my domain not in generated link. You can try re-check every day if you want.​
    Q. You use database to log all video who already generated ?
    Nope.. i don't use database or logging script and generated url is different each time you generate your video even if you generate same youtube url.​
    Q. Why only youtube ? how about google drive and other ?
    Yupz.. only youtube at this time and for google drive i can't add it because lots people use to host copyright content and adult video. I will add other video host if they have protection system like youtube.​
    Q. If i have question or suggestion, can i PM you ?
    Better if you post in here, so i can manage all your question and suggestion.​
    Q. Can you share your script ?
    Sorry, i can't do that.. I'm not give or sell this source code. you can post on hire a freelancer.​

    Note :
    • For Mod, please remove my tread if you think i advertise my website. I just want help start up marketer who don't have enough money to rent video server.
    • My website is free for use.
    • This script can't generate private video, only public and unlisted.