Free Xrumer blast in exchange for your artwork

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    Oct 9, 2009
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    A friend of mine is opening up some new stores and wants some artwork.

    Im willing to exchange long-term xrumer blasts for artwork.

    If you are interested, pm me with some previous art work and tell me how much xrumer blasting you want.

    For example: "I can paint a high quality picture with about 20 hours of work, and in return want 5,000 xrumer profile backlinks per day for 2 months"

    Im looking for:
    -light blue colors
    -painting, perferabbly with oils
    -2 feet wide, 4 feet long
    -no people
    Here are a few examples:

    (these are not exactly what i want, just examples, to get your brain pointing in the right direction)

    Also, Im paying for shipping, including international.
    You will roll it up in a tube and mail it via USPS.

    Pm me if your interested.