[FREE] Website or Graphic Design in Exchange For A Permanent Link

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    Hi All!

    Going off my previous thread (http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...-provide-you-free-content-any-topic-link.html) I will now be providing some free website designs, logos or headers.

    The way this works is currently I am managing a BPO and seeing as that I can spare a designer I am happy to provide BHW with some custom built designs in exchange for some branding.

    The way it will work is I will take on one project at a time and work within reason to provide you with a custom designed website, logo or header which ever you need. In exchange for this you will need to provide a back link of my choice and keep it there for as long as you use the design.

    If you get a website designed then the link will be designed into the footer.
    If you get a header or logo then you will need to place the link yourself on your website.

    All links need to be D0F0llow.

    Links will be in the following format:

    Design by Our Company Name (KeyWord of My Choice)

    Unlike my free article thread I will need to invest a fair amount of time and money into this project so to protect myself anyone who I have a design created for will need to sign a basic contract stating that if you continue to use our design without our link as agreed upon you will need to pay $500 USD to cover the design.

    I think that is extremely fair and I am confident that everyone will play fair anyway.

    Please post any question you may have here. I will spend this weekend selecting our first project and and start work on Monday.
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    I got an incredible logo for my website for the price of a back link. High quality, professional, and amazing support. To be honest i'm shocked you don't charge for this. Can't thank you enough for the amazing logo.