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Mar 27, 2012
I see people ask about online or free video editing tools so I thought I would put together a list of some that I have used as well as others that I am familiar with. If you are looking for a powerful editing solution, these probably will not suffice however if you want something quick, easy and free to use, these should be right up your alley.

Windows Movie Maker
If you are using a PC, Windows Movie maker is a pretty good program for light editing. You can download it right from the Microsoft website. I recommend getting the windows 7 version of the software if you can as the Vista one has been known to have issues. If you are an avid video editor, movie maker will probably frustrate you because it doesn?t have a ton of functionality. If all you are looking to do is cut scenes apart and make a basic video, it should work fine for you.

You can download it here,

Not all videos use standard footage. Sometimes you might want to make something abstract. Blender is a three dimensional modeling tool that allows you to create cool 3D graphics and models for video. It is open source and allows you to add special effects, animations, and is supported on many different operating systems. Its really cools for graphical representation videos.

You can?t mention Blender without mentioning Moviestorm. This is another good editing tool for cartoon based videos. In fact, that is what you are into and don?t want to purchase a program, Moviestorm is the next best thing. You create 2D and 3D images and video using the software. Its pretty simple to use for novices and has functionality for more advanced users. A lot of the animations have sort of a comic book feel but if you are into that sort of thing, it should work well for you.

Storyboard software
This isn?t really a video editing tool but it is very handy for making videos. Part of making a good film is mapping out the shots that you need to get in order to tell the story you want to tell. Good film makers do that by writing out a story board. The only problem with doing that on paper is that its hard to change things around quickly and its also hard to share it with others; especially if they are far away. Storyboard Pro Software enables you to make cool story boards in black and white or color. You can map out your project using handy tools. Enter notes, import existing clips to use in your story board timeline, and get tips on capturing good shots.

AVItricks Classic
Sometimes all you want to do is cut some clips apart to make a simple video. AVI tricks is a super stripped down, super simple video editor that allows you to do just that. Just upload your footage and its really easy to use.

Free Trials of Adobe Pro and Elements
Adobe is one of the premier editing tools and its price reflects that as well. You can actually get a dumbed down version of Premiere pro for around 100 dollars however you can download the free trial and get most of the functionality for 30 days. That?s enough time to output some decent videos. Don?t waste your time trying to uninstall the program and re-download the trial as it won?t work. You can?t even reinstall windows and have it work. You pretty much get the one free trial and that?s it. You can also get a month to month subscription for these editing programs that runs about 50 dollars per month.

iMovie (for Mac Users)
Macs are notoriously good for video editing tasks. If you are looking for something free, iMovie does the job pretty well. There are a lot of good default transitions and effects built into the program and the interface is pretty easy to use. Sorry PC users there is no version for you. There are some other great programs for Mac at the URL below.

Audacity Audio Editor
Sorry I keep veering off course from video editing but I had to mention this free audio editor. Audacity is a pretty powerful audio editor and if you have ever used free video editing software, the audio portions can be kind of lacking. Even in paid versions of some of the best software, audio leaves much to be desired. Audacity lets you remove all the annoying sounds that happen naturally when you take video footage in loud areas or there just happens to be buzzing or humming noises in the background.

AVS Video Editor
This is another simple editing program and it also has some extra features that are pretty handy. For example you can easily share videos that you have just created via Facebook, flikr, and myspace right from the editing tool. You can also process blu-ray videos and capture video right from your screen into the program similar to Camtasia which is about a 300 dollar program.

What free editing tools do you use to make video? Are there any that you would recommend over a paid solution?
You can add Ezvid to it.

Ezvid is exceptional because of the power of its cutting-edge effects and features, many of which are not available in even the most expensive professional-grade video editing software.
Voice recording, facecam, voice synthesis, screen drawing, speed control: These are some of the features that make Ezvid the world's single best solution for making videos which entertain, inform, and enchant your viewers.
My best feature in windows movie maker is converting normal videos to HD videos
You can use Sony Vegas or Camtasia to make videos I got great results on using these 2 software.
Lightworks is free.

It should be noted that ezvid doesn't record system sounds, but can record microphone input. You can't just import another audio track either. If you're just doing a voice over showing an application it would be fine. You can't really export video either, it wants you to upload within the application to youtube.

The last time I used Sony Vegas it had a free trial, and then I used it over a month and never noticed what the restrictions actually were.

Virtualdub is useful for quick edits, crops, removing watermarks, but has limited support of new codecs and containers.
Great links. Nice share.

I use Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects for video editing, possible some Photoshop alongside that too. I prefer to stay away from most free editors, their features tend to be limited.
My best feature in windows movie maker is converting normal videos to HD videos

You can't successfully convert SD resolution videos to HD quality, the pixel definition isn't there. If you take a 400px image and try to convert it to 1920px, it will be distorted - not HD
So far as I knew about free editing tools, I just know about Windows Movie Maker but with the help of your post I am able to know different other free software for editing videos.
Good job! I am looking for best video editing software which are totally free and find your post. Thanks!
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