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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nilomas, Aug 1, 2012.

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    I remember a thread on here a long long long time ago where people would use a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking or w/e to basically talk about something and create new articles. I have a news site that I post Youtube Videos and pictures on, they are sort of my primary content. I glanced over at the transcript button on Youtube and I bright light bulb popped in my head.

    Now I read through some of the content in the transcript and it was all jumbled and crappy probably worst than spun content to be honest. So it was like a 2-3 minute video and I said hell why not.
    I sat there and I wrote every damn thing the person said in the video. After some editing I had myself a quality 800 word article to post under my Youtube video in a transcript tab. You could use this just to get articles, but imo it's best for just content as a lot of the time people will be talking about what they are doing in the video and it would be confusing without the video.

    The best part is it took me about 25-30 minutes to do the first one and then I got faster and faster at it. I would recommend videos that are like 2-5 minutes long any longer and your looking at walls of text.

    100% unique related great content that Google will love, and the best part is it's supplied by them. You could outsource this work per hour too. These articles won't be very good by themselves, but if you add a tab to your page like I said, you can still keep your site looking good.

    TL;DR copy Youtube speech edit it a bit and post it to your own site. Unique content 100% free 20-25min (700-1000 words) for 3-5 min of video.
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    I love this idea, I did it last night. Find a Youtube video on something, write down everything they say. Post on website, original content..
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    Amazing post OP, thanks for taking the time.

    Rep to the OP!
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    wow....great idea